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2021-04-22 02:13:26

The celestial star, also known as the chimpanzee, is English name Sirius, is the brightest star in the sky with an apparent magnitude of -1.46. This luminosity is twice as high as Canopus, which ranks second in the list of brightest stars.

The name Thien Lang (sky wolf) comes from the shape that looks like a giant dog lying in the middle of its sky.

Sirius is in the constellation Canis Major, so it is also known by many as “Dog Star” (star dog).

Uranus is located in the constellation Canis Major, shaped like a giant dog in the middle of the sky. (Source Blogspot)

Celestial Star is only 8.7 light-years from Earth, a fairly close distance. Therefore, if the conditions are met, we can observe the star Langan with the naked eye from Earth even during the daytime. At that time, we only see Uranus as a single star but it is actually a binary star system consisting of two orbiting white stars, Sirius A and Sirius B.

Sirius B is a white dwarf star 120 million years ago. Before that, it was a red giant because it had consumed all of its fuel and subsequently lost most of its outer layer matter. Sirius A is twice as large as the Sun and 25 times brighter than the Sun.

Thien Lang is the second most appearing star in fairy tales and customs of countries around the world, just after the Sun.


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