What is a mini washing machine? Should I buy a mini washing machine?

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2021-03-22 04:30:40

In addition to conventional washing machines, manufacturers also offer mini washing machines to meet the needs of consumers. So who should use this type of washing machine, please refer to the article below together!

What is a mini washing machine? What types are there?

Mini washing machine is a washing machine with a smaller size than conventional washing machines. Mini washing machines have an average weight of only 2-4kg, wash about 3-4 sets of clothes.

Mini washing machines are often used to wash clothes with soft fabrics such as bras, baby clothes or linens.

Mini washing machines have 3 types:

  • Semi-automatic mini washing machine: This type of washing machine does not have a spin function and you have to manually align the water and fill it with water. In general, semi-automatic mini washing machines are not much different from hand washing, so they are quite cheap at only a few hundred thousand dong.
  • Semi-automatic mini washing machine with spin function: This type of washing machine is similar to a semi-automatic mini washing machine but is equipped with a spin function. The price of this device fluctuates around 1 million VND or more.
  • Automatic mini washing machine: This type of water is automatically drained, spinning like a normal washing machine, but the price is high, from about 2 million VND or more.

Advantages and disadvantages of mini washing machines

Like many other household appliances, mini washing machines also have some certain advantages and disadvantages:


  • Compact, suitable for small spaces.
  • Save energy and water consumption.
  • Most mini washing machines have a cheaper price than conventional washing machines, ranging from 1-4 million VND, but for high-end machines incorporating many other functions, the price can fluctuate in the range of 14 – 15 million dong.


  • The amount of washing is small, the average is only about 3-5kg.
  • Only suitable for washing soft, thin clothes.
  • The high-end mini washing machines usually have a quite high price.

Who should use the mini washing machine?

Not only students, singles or households living in small spaces that need to save space, but anyone can own a mini washing machine to serve the needs of washing with small quantities. .

In addition, families with young children or families who do not want to mix clothes and underwear can also use a mini washing machine.

Hopefully with the above useful information, you will choose a suitable washing machine.


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