What is a whitepaper?  What is the whitepaper of an ICO project?

What is a whitepaper? What is the whitepaper of an ICO project?


2021-03-22 19:18:01

What is a whitepaper?

Whitepaper (Whitepaper) A report that helps readers understand the problem and how to resolve or make a decision then issued directly by the competent authority. The whitepaper is used by the business marketing (B2B) and government industries.

In the field of Crypto, The whitepaper is a detailed draft of the ICO project (Intial Coin Offering – Initial token issuance), which the enterprise or developer does to provide an overview of the project, from which to consider and decide on investment.

What is the whitepaper of an ICO project?

Asking for one Whitepaper of an ICO project is extremely complex, requiring the writer to have full specialized knowledge in the field of marketing, token economics, Blockchain, and the very field that the actual ICO project is directed to.

A complete ICO project should contain the following information:

  • Problems in today’s market
  • Solution and product offering
  • Competitive situation and market size
  • How Token works and each use case
  • Development and launch timeline (RoadMap)
  • ICO strategy:
    • Number of Tokens issued
    • Token distribution
    • Token price
    • Market cap (Hardcap and Softcap)
    • Token sale
    • Payments
    • Token issuance plan
  • Token ownership incentives
  • Development team, advisors and partners
  • Legal issue
  • Project management strategy

What is the whitepaper of an ICO project?

Many ICO projects have a sketchy whitepaper, Simple, ambiguous and lack of detail floating around in the market. Such projects are really unreliable, so in order to evaluate a whitepaper of an ICO project it is necessary to consider the following factors:

  • The layout is clear, logical, unified and coherent
  • Convincing and valid reasoning
  • The project strategy and implementation plan are detailed and clear
  • Urgent problem, reasonable and practical solution.
  • The technology behind the project must meet both capital and technical requirements.
  • Private tokens, if created, must be properly selected and distributed.
  • Team involved in accordance with the ICO project.

The current, Whitepaper It is becoming a good tool for project marketing activities, so you need to select yourself the important and necessary information, avoiding meaningless hype marketing content.

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