What is Airdrop & Bounty Coin?  Instructions to receive free tokens from ICOs

What is Airdrop & Bounty Coin? Instructions to receive free tokens from ICOs


2021-03-24 04:48:39

Airdrop and Bounty are two keywords that we have seen a lot in the crypto community recently (Facebook and Telegram). Basically, Airdrop and Bounty are the marketing “strategies” of ICO projects to create a strong community for their projects. When participating in Airdrop or Bounty, users will receive free tokens, just follow a few requests. So what is this story really spoiled? Let’s Virtual currency blog research What is Airdrop and Bounty? and How to get free coin Please.

What is an airdrop?

Airdrop simply means “falling from the sky”. But in the crypto market, Airdrop is a new concept, which means issuing free tokens / cryptocurrencies to a user’s wallet, when that user does the job of registering an account and gender. Introduce others to register an account of the coin / token to be listed in order to receive free tokens.

There have been many people who have made hundreds of dollars from crypto airdrops. Airdrops are commonly used for operations ICO, with the aim of promoting the brand as well as stirring up people’s interest in the project.

What is Bounty?

In the virtual money market then Bounty (reward hunting) is a form in which you have to follow certain requirements, in exchange for a certain amount of free coins when completing those requirements. This is one way that new coins also do a lot in parallel Airdrop.


Some common requests in one time Bounty such as: Put signature on Bitcointalk; Follow Telegram channel; write the project introduction article on blog, medium; Follow, tweet on Twitter; Post on Facebook; Post, follow on Linkedin.

In addition, some coins will have very high requirements such as having to like & share 3-5 of their posts per week, share more then get more; Join their Telegram channel or post the links you share on their Bounty topic on bitcointalk.org or share articles with hashtags (eg #ICO #ETH…), or request to share only 1 post per day.

What should be prepared to receive free coins from Bounty and Airdrop?

  • One wallet account Myetherwallet or MetaMask to receive standard coin ERC20 and some other wallet accounts depending on the coin; but mainly the other 2 types of wallets
  • A Bitcointalk.org account
  • A facebook account has at least 200-300 friends, the more delicious you are
  • A twitter account with 200-300 followers or more, the more followers, the better
  • Install a telegram app and have a telegram account
  • A few emails that you rarely use

However, don’t just do it Airdrop and Bounty There is money that you also need to learn and select potential ICO projects To join, this will save your time and the chance of success will be higher. To find information Airdrop and Bounty Please read on below.

1. How to find information about Airdrop

Information about airdrops can be found pretty much anywhere, wherever you are following or discussing cryptocurrencies. can include social networks like

  • Telegram, Slack or Discord channel
  • Reddit or Bitcointalk
  • Facebook groups

In addition to the above social networks, there are a few websites built with the purpose of informing people about the occurrence of airdrops. A few sites that stand out are:

2. How to find information about Bounty

The easiest place for you to find information about the latest Bounty is to search on the Bitcointalk forum. You can see a list of open bounties on Bitcointalk via this link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?board=238.0

Alternatively, you can find the latest bounties at the web site https://bountyhive.io/ of the system BountyhiveThis is a system that will connect with reputable ICOs and many users, ensuring that you will receive tokens and coins from your efforts.

Frequently asked questions about Airdrop and Bounty

Do you always get free coins?

No, there are many projects, the ICO is successful, many are not, many projects have to wait a long time to have a price.

Why are they giving me free coins?

The value of a coin / token depends on the community that uses it. The larger the community, the higher the value of that virtual currency. Projects that give away free coins in return for increasing followers of Twitter, Telegram and spreading the name of that project to larger communities, and will receive more investment.

Do Airdrops and Bounty have Scam?

Some projects are scam! Some other projects are not! Scams don’t mean they can take your money, unless you give them your private key (YOU SHOULD NOT DO IT!). Cheating in Airdrop and Bounty That means they don’t have a real project, and the value of that cryptocurrency is zero.

How to secure my wallet?

The first job is, you only provide your public wallet address when participating in the Airdrop program. NEVER give out your private key to anyone or any website that you don’t trust.

Second, if you want to store those coins for a long time, then transfer them to a secure cold wallet like Trezor or Ledger. This will eliminate all dangers for your money.

And when participating in Airdrop programs, you should note the following:

  • DO NOT share the private key with anyone.
  • DO NOT send KYC information to projects just to receive airdrops.
  • DO NOT share passwords for airdrops.
  • DO NOT send ETH, BTC for any airdrop.
  • DO NOT respond to private messages from strangers on Telegram claiming to be project manager.
  • Create a new wallet and a new email address is only for receiving airdrops.


Above is the article “What is Airdrop, Bounty? All about Airdrop and Bounty in virtual money ” hopefully the article will help you have more useful knowledge about Airdrop, Bounty. If you have any questions or would like to share your knowledge about Airdrop, Bounty With us, please contact us in the comments section, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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