What is an elephant fur ring?

What is an elephant fur ring?


2021-03-23 21:50:39

Elephant ring is one of the rings that many people love and buy. So, what is an elephant feather ring, what age is it appropriate to wear an elephant ring? Along find out the article below to get the answer.

What is an elephant fur ring?

An elephant fur ring is a special ring made by using the fur together in a circle. This is a bracelet ring originating from the Ede and M’Nong ethnic groups in the Central Highlands.

However, jewelers have come up with a combination of elephant hairs with metal materials to make these beautiful and strange elephant fur rings today.

Most of the current whale rings are made of silver, gold, 10, 14, and 18K platinum and then have small elephant feathers attached on the ring surface.

The meaning and effect of the feather ring

The elephant fur ring is more and more popular because it is not only beautiful but also considered a feng shui item, with many good meanings.

According to the concept of the people of Ede and M’Nong, the elephant’s hair ring has the effect of eliminating evil, reducing the symptoms of sleep paralysis, helping you to sleep better, helping to avoid toxic wind effectively, especially. especially when combined with silver rings.

In love, the feather ring is considered a symbol of fidelity. Therefore, when getting married, many people use elephant fur rings to express their wish to be together for ever, lasting happiness.

Many people also believe that the feather ring also brings luck and peace in life, so it is often worn on hand.

Elephant fur rings combine precious metal and elephant hair

Which finger should I wear an elephant ring?

Wearing an elephant ring on different fingers will mean different things.

Wear an elephant ring on the thumb: Demonstrating the strength and authority of the owner, for those who have the ability to lead.

Wearing an elephant ring on the index finger: Meaningful, brings good luck and success.

Wear an elephant ring on the middle finger: It is meant to open and maintain the happiness of family, relationships.

Wearing an elephant ring on the ring finger: Helps bring fortune, prosperity, increase fortune and luck in love.

Wear an elephant ring worn on the little finger: Helping to meet precious in life, maintaining good relationships.

What age to wear an appropriate elephant fur ring?

The Ede and M’nong people do not have the concept of following 12 zodiacs, so the appropriate age when wearing a feather ring is not counted. So anyone can use, wear an elephant fur ring.

How to distinguish real and fake fur rings

Some ways to distinguish real elephant fur rings from fake fur rings:

Soak the ring in water for about 20 minutes, the real elephant hair will soften, but when it dries it will harden quickly but still reach a certain toughness.

After a period of use, if the hair shows signs of breaking, this is fake elephant hair. Real elephant fur rings after a long time of use will become softer and more durable.


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