What is an IPS display?  What are the uses of IPS screens on LG TVs?

What is an IPS display? What are the uses of IPS screens on LG TVs?

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2021-05-05 07:53:51

The IPS screen on the TV is an advanced technology, bringing a sense of realism to the viewer.

What is an IPS display?

IPS (In Plane Switching) on ​​TV is a screen technology used on LCD TVs, allowing liquid crystals to be arranged horizontally in parallel with two layers of polarized glass above and below instead of right angle. This is different from conventional VA monitors when stacking liquid crystals vertically. With this technology, the amount of scattered light is minimized, providing wide viewing angles and good color reproduction.

Images on the IPS screen will be displayed with an extremely wide viewing angle, high contrast and no color variation when viewed at different angles.

IPS screen and regular screen

The uses of IPS screens and the use of IPS screens on LG TVs

Use of IPS screen

Wide viewing angle

Wide viewing angle

If the viewer is not sitting in front of the TV but can still watch TV without any change in picture quality and color. No matter where you sit in your seat or a family with many people, the same images and colors can be seen.

True color

IPS screen reproduces natural, true-to-life colors, giving viewers the feeling of experiencing real-world images. Color accuracy will not be degraded by changing viewing angles.

The screen does not glare

With the IPS screen, users will no longer feel uncomfortable when placing the TV in a space with too much light because the picture will not be blurred, dazzled but still sharp and clear.

The details are vivid and clear

The details are vivid and clear

At the same resolution, the IPS screen will give a sharper image than conventional monitors. The IPS screen has a separate pixel arrangement on the panel, week according to the RGB color arrangement order to bring bright, vivid images.

Use of IPS screen on LG TVs


Equipped with an IPS panel on the TV has made the TV screen more durable, when you touch or even tap on the screen, you will not see the screen flash or appear traces of pixels.

Wide viewing angle

IPS displays have the same color and contrast consistency, maintaining colors vivid across all positions of the screen and from any angle. This allows you to enjoy your LG TV in true and vibrant colors from every seat in your home, even in brightly lit areas without glare.

Fast moving images are not blurred

The IPS screen has the ability to smoothly display fast action without blurring or stuttering. This allows you to comfortably watch sports programs, blockbuster action movies … with excellent picture quality.


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