What is Bilaxy?  Overview of crypto exchange Bilaxy

What is Bilaxy? Overview of crypto exchange Bilaxy


2021-03-23 16:51:00

In the current electronic market, there are many exchanges, each with its own advantages. Today, CHK Will introduce you to Bilaxy, an incredibly fast new coin listing rate.

What is Bilaxy?

Bilaxy is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange registered in the Republic of Seychelles and launched in April 2018. Bilaxy claims hundreds of hundreds of traders from more than 80 countries around the world. What makes Bilaxy stand out from the rest is the extremely fast coin listing speed. For example, PERLIN, Bilaxy is listed before the exchange Binance.

Perlin is listed on the Bilaxy Exchange

Bilaxy exchange cost structure

Deposit Fee

Currently, when recharging on Bilaxy floor is free of charge

Withdrawal Fees

  • Withdrawal fees are regularly adjusted according to blockchain conditions
  • The withdrawal fee will be deducted from your withdrawal amount
  • Since the blockchain asset has a large price fluctuation in a short period of time, Bilaxy reserves the right to modify the withdrawal fees according to the current token price and the block network situation. Usually, the exact tokens deducted as withdrawal fees will be updated WEEKLY.

Bilaxy floor withdrawal fee

Transaction fee

  • All transactions have a 0.15% fee. This fee suddenly follow
    (quantity * purchase price * 0.0015)
  • If you use BIA to discount transaction fees, you will get a 50% discount (first year and no longer will decrease until year 5) transaction fees i.e. transaction fees will be 0.075%, cheaper than the premises. general but still higher than Huobi, the transaction fee is only 0.07% if using HT.

Transaction fee

Huobi Global reduced fees for Vietnam market, exchange transaction fees decreased from 0.2% to 0.07%

The highlights on the Bilaxy floor

  • Friendly interface, easy to use
  • Bilaxy Hub: A place to promote and advertise Blockchain assets. You will be able to purchase digital assets at a discounted price. Currently, there are 2 sales: 50% BIA, 15% VOTE.
  • Available on phones on both Android and iOS, but not yet downloaded on iOS and AppStore.
  • Main exchange markets: USDT, ETH, BTC, BNB, BIA
  • New coin listing speed fast


If you are a fan of new, unlisted coins on major exchanges then Bilaxy is a great choice for you. Thank you for viewing the article “What is Bilaxy? Overview of crypto exchange Bilaxy ”. Hope the article gives you more useful information. Wishing you a profitable investment.

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