What is Binance Cloud? Things to know about Binance Cloud

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2021-03-24 00:35:21

Binance is the most liquid cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

With today’s leading trading volume of many currency pairs.

Binance buy and sell orders have accounted for more than 50% of global market volume.

Using Binance’s Binance Cloud service you will be very beneficial in reaching a large number of customers.

High security system

Your crypto exchange will be completely protected by Binance’s security system.

Binance will manage risk, ensuring that your users’ assets are safe.

The network is stable

Binance Cloud has a stable network system, ensuring your exchange will run smoothly.

Even during peak times, Binance’s powerful tools will provide full access to the exchange as quickly as possible.


Binance Cloud will help you personalize your exchange in the most effective way.


You will be completely independent of: your token, how the exchange is run ..

Your exchange will operate independently, with self-listing of coins and managing the exchange’s content.

Set up your own crypto exchange


Binance has a team of consultants to assist you throughout the setup of the exchange.

Discuss your business needs, including KYC and compliance.

As well as the type of operation and the features required.


When you register, you will send Binance the domain name and trademark.

And other specifications so that Binance can start setting up the exchange.


While preparing to launch an exchange, you can log in to the dashboard to add trading pairs.

Or add floor promotion banners and make more adjustments ..


When your broker has a problem that needs to be resolved, you can quickly contact the Binance online support team.

What did Changpeng Zhao say about Binance Cloud?

Speaking of Binance Cloud in an interview with Cointelegraph, CEO Binance CZ stated:

“This new service will have a mission to expand Binance’s network of operations”

Binance CEO – Changpeng Zhao (CZ) had some thoughts when deciding to launch this service.

CZ stated:

“This is exactly what the crypto market lacks. We (Binance) look forward to sharing the great features of Binance on Binance Cloud.

Hopefully Binance Cloud will be built to help everyone get closer to cryptocurrencies.

Binance will make it possible for its partners to set up their trading platform in the most convenient and efficient way.

The goal of the project is nothing but the desire to bring value of cryptocurrency to everyone ”

However, CZ also noted that Binance was not the first name to come up with the idea.

Finally, CZ reiterated that Binance Cloud was built with the aim of providing crypto access to anyone globally.

See more information

Official website: https://cloud.binance.com

Contact: [email protected]

See frequently asked questions here: https://cloud.binance.com/faq

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