What is Binance JEX?  Instructions for receiving 10 USDT on Binance JEX

What is Binance JEX? Instructions for receiving 10 USDT on Binance JEX


2021-03-23 17:51:57

Binance JEX

After the acquisition of JEX by Binance. Now, JEX has become part of Binance’s ecosystem and renamed to Binance JEX. So what is Binance JEX? Let’s CHK Find out about this exchange!

What is Binance JEX?

Binance JEX is a crypto trading platform acquired by Binance from JEX. It provides users with both derivative and regular trading services. Some derivative services like futures, options and some other derivative products.

Instructions to receive 10 USDT on Binance JEX with a Binance account

Conditions of participation

Joined aidrop 10,000,000 JEX previously from September 11, 2019 to September 19, 2019 and received a JEX code.

Airdrop 10,000,000 JEX
Airdrop 10,000,000 JEX

Participation time

  • From 2019/09/20 2:00 PM (UTC) to 2019/09/26 2:00 PM (UTC)
  • Hold on until the reward is over

Note: Loyalty Bonus of 10 USDT is only available in the market Futures

Steps to receive 10 USDT

Step 1: Access https://www.jex.com/en enter the item LoginLog in to Binance JEX

Step 2: Click to select I am from Binance, Click Direct LoginSign in with your Binanace account

Step 3: Log in to your Binance account

Log in to your Binance account

Bet 4: Enter Binance JEX and see that you can trade 10 USDT in the market Futures.

Loyalty reward 10 USDT

Binane JEX markets

Services of the Binance JEX exchange

Binance JEX Futures Market

As a futures market, it is currently possible to trade BTC, ETH, and EOS. A futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell a specific asset at an agreed price at a specific time in the future. It allows you to trade without having to actually own them.

An example of a futures contract
An example of a futures contract

The Futures service allows us to trade Margin with a leverage up to 100 times similar to the current BitMEX or SnapEX.

Binance JEX leverage

Binance JEX Options Marketplace

Options also known as options. An agreement between two entities where the buyer option pays the seller an amount of money to be entitled (not obliged) to buy (CALL) or sell (PUT) the specified quantity of assets on or before the execution date. (due date) according to the agreed rate.

  • Call: Call option
  • Put: Put call option
  • Long position: Pay the contract fee, have the right to buy (sell) or not to buy (sell).
    • CALL call option: Buy call option that is, you will be able to buy an asset at a price lower than its original price.
      • Example: You buy call option 1 BTC for 9,000 USDT. Let’s say the call option fee is $ 200.
        – After buying call option BTC price increases to 10000 USDT / BTC, you can still buy BTC for 9000 USDT / BTC. So you profit 800 USDT after deducting the fee
        – After buying call option BTC price down to 8500 USDT / BTC, you may not choose to buy BTC price 9000 USDT / BTC. If buying BTC at the price call option 9,000 USDT, you will lose 500 USDT + 200 USDT compared to the market price. Do not choose to buy call option then you only lose 200 USDT and you can buy BTC for 8500.
    • PUT put option: Buy put option tYou will be able to sell an asset at a price higher than its original price.
      • Example: You buy put option 1 BTC is priced at 11000 USDT / BTC and the fee to buy the call option is 200 $.
        -After buy put option BTC price increases to 11500 USDT / BTC then you will sell at the market price. Because at the market price of 11500-200 USDT, you still have a profit of 300 USDT. If the price of BTC does not increase, you will lose the fee
        -After purchase call option BTC drops 9000 USDT / BTC, at this point you sell at the price put option you can still sell 1 BTC for 11000 USDT.
  • Short: Will receive a contract fee and have the obligation to buy (sell) when required by the buyer of the option.

Binance JEX Spot Marketplace

As a normal transaction, you only need to set a limit price and quantity and you can buy cryptocurrency. There are currently two markets that are BTC and USDT.

  • Price: Price
  • Amount: Amount of cryptocurrencies to buy
  • Amount (BTC or USDT): The amount of BTC or USDT depends on the market

Binance JEX Spot


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