What is Bitcointalk?  All information about the largest Bitcoin and Altcoin forum in the world

What is Bitcointalk? All information about the largest Bitcoin and Altcoin forum in the world


2021-03-22 21:19:52

Bitcointalk is called BTCtalk, an online forum (forum) allows users around the world to discuss any Bitcoin and Altcoin related issues. The Bitcointalk.org forum was created by Satoshi Nakamoto on November 22, 2009 and has been in operation since 2010. The original purpose that Satoshi Nakamoto created the Bitcointalk forum was to discuss Bitcoin, however as the community on the strong development forum all aspects of the cryptocurrency are discussed above such as:

  • Mining
  • The Satoshi algorithm
  • Development team
  • Exchanges
  • Latest market news… ..

You care:

In addition, for Altcoin, this forum also has a separate “sky”, click here to go to the section dedicated to Altcoin, this is also an area where many investors in Vietnam as well as in the world. World is very concerned. Any new crypto projects or new ICO projects will be announced on this.

Features of Bitcointalk

Usually if you are a customer who wants to invest in a cryptocurrency, you must first find out all the information related to it such as growth opportunities, risks or how to invest before you want to get involved. . And the Bitcointalk forum is the most necessary place to look when you want to consult the information above.

If a virtual currency or an ICO project doesn’t have the necessary information about Bitcointalk, then it’s best to consider it before investing as it can be quite risky. You need to find out if a currency or project is good or bad, does it have potential? Is it reputable or is it a sign of scam? All these questions are answered on Bitcointalk. In addition, Bitcointalk also owns a lot of articles to give customers ideas for discussion and reference in many different languages ​​such as Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, German, Russian, Dutch, Korean.

Bitcointalk is also where most of the newly announced cryptocurrencies are launched, and Ethereum (ETH) is no exception.

However, to have absolute trust, it is best to have the skill of identifying long-standing accounts with high reputation and reliability. Where are the new accounts to learn more carefully. To distinguish between the two types of accounts, you need to rely on the following content and rankings:

  • Brand new: 0 activities, with 01 gold coin under the nickname
  • Newbie: no, there is 01 gold coin under the nickname
  • Jr. Member: 30 activities + 1 month old forum and have 01 gold coin under the nickname
  • Member: 60 activities + 2 months old forum + 10 Merdit and have 02 gold coins under the nickname
  • Full Member: 120 activities + 4 months old forum + 100 Merdit and 03 gold coins under the nickname
  • Sr. Member: 240 activities + 8 months old forum + 250 Merdit and 04 gold coins under the nickname
  • Hero Member: 480 activities + 16 months old forum + 1000 Merdit and 05 gold coins under nickname
  • Lengendary: between 775 and 1030 activities, but the exact point of becoming a legendary member for each user is random, there are 05 gold coins under the nickname.

Activity is the activities of commenting, posting on the forum’s topics. If you have just registered for an account, then one day you comment more than 1 time, it is still only counted as 1 Activity because your account is less than 1 month old.

So you should set up an account as soon as possible to go interact on the forum. The forum owner wants the members who have been with the forum for a long time to benefit more than the newly registered members, so this law is in place.

Infomation: Price of Bitcoin, Altcoins – The cryptocurrency market

Introduction to the Bitcointalk forum

On Bitcointalk divided into 5 main areas:

Introduction to the Bitcointalk forum

  • Bitcoin Region: This area has 5 discussion topics
    • Bitcoin Discussion section: This section discusses the news, the bitcoin community, the Bitcoin related services
    • Section Development & Technical Discussion: Discuss the users of Bitcoin and the Bitcoin network in general
    • Mining Section: This is a dedicated area to support bitcoin (mining), hardware,….
    • Section Bitcoin Technical Support: This section supports Bitcoin Core, nodes, Bitcoin network, transactions and Bitcoin addresses
    • Project Development: Here you will find new money development (ICO) projects, Blockchain technology development projects, …
  • Economy area: In this area there are 3 main topics Economics, Marketplace and Trading Discussion.

In this area, the discussion is mostly on the Bitcoin single market, the best transaction method …

Introduction to the Bitcointalk forum

  • Other area: In this area mainly talk about the Bitcointalk forum as frequently asked questions, how can the ranking on the forum can be increased and anything on the sidelines related to cryptocurrencies.

Introduction to the Bitcointalk forum

  • Alternate cryptocurrencies region: This is the area for Altcoin, mainly discussing the altcoin market, mining and speculating altcoin coins …

On the Bitcointalk forum you have many opportunities to make money from Bitcoin and altcoins. Owners of new projects (ICOs) they go to the forums to create campaigns like airdrop and bounty (including on twitter and facebook, etc.) to promote their products, you sign up to participate. This campaign and follow their instructions you will be rewarded with bitcoin or altcoins.

You can find these campaigns in the Marketplace section of the altcoin region. Note that when participating in campaigns, you must carefully read the project’s regulations in order not to violate. The level of your bitcoin earners also depends on your ranking on the forum, the higher your rank, the higher your money is earned when participating in a project.

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