What is BLink (BLINK)? Details About BLINK Token

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2021-07-11 08:21:58

BLink is a project opened for IFO sale at Pancakeswap. Articles about BLink and BLINK Token Today will give you all the information handicapped Details:

  • What is BLink? What are the outstanding features of BLink?
  • Tokenomic information about BLINK token: key metrics, token distribution (allocation), application (token use case).
  • Where to buy BLINK tokens? Store on which wallet?
  • BLink’s development roadmap and latest updates.
  • Information about the team and partners of the project.
  • Some similar projects in the same field so that you can realize the potential of BLink.

BLink is a project Blockchain services in the field of Gambling with the mission of building an ecosystem that provides quality games for players, improving the user experience. At the same time, developers can also comfortably build quality dApps and attract more engaged users and stakeholders.

To put it more easily BLink is a dApp platform (decentralized application), or an ecosystem for dApps in which dApp developers can be supported to develop their decentralized application. Players can choose multiple dApp games to play, and receive rewards for their activities on them.

If you pay attention to the logo of the project, you will see that both WINk and BLink projects have very similar logos. Why? More specifically, BLink is WINk’s Gaming project in the past, but from now on BLink will operate on the ecosystem. Binance Smart Chain instead of Tron.

From now on, WINk has no longer implemented the Gaming project on Tron Ecosystem again. Instead, the WINk project will change its name to WINkLink and operates in the field of Oracle after “acquiring” the JustLink – Oracle project of the Tron ecosystem in the past.

Event converts WINk to BLink.

In this section, I will talk more about the components inside BLink and how these components participate in the ecosystem:

  • Developers: They will be provided with a set of tools by BLink Platform to create better quality dApps. Of course, developers will have to pay a part of the fee for this service. In return, they will be able to create games and dApps that provide a better user experience, attracting more users.
  • Community: They are the ones who directly participate in the game, using the dApps inside BLink. The more participants, the more tokens are mined from the dApps. This is also a mechanism to encourage new players to join.
  • Tokens: Tokens of dApps inside BLink will not be tradable, which helps BLINK Tokens to retain value. However, the dApp tokens are still valid in the BLINK Token airdrops.
  • BLINK holders: They will receive RainDrop points based on holding BLINK Token. Based on each person’s amount of RainDrop, they will receive TRX Token respective airdrops. This is a mechanism that increases the need to hold BLINK to keep its value.

BLink is a platform that deploys a lot of games, and in it, there are some games that are played live rather than simply interacting with the virtual machine. Here are some of the games they are rolling out:

  • Dice: The game of predicting fortune through dice.
  • Moon: The game bets to pay out exponentially, but can return to zero at any time.
  • Duel & Ring: Color guessing wheel game.
  • Mine: Similar to the minesweeper game Minesweeper.
  • Slots: Play the card Platipus.
  • Poker: Poker card game.
  • Binarium: Bet Binary Options.
  • Live Casino: Host games like Monopoly, Deal or No Deal, and Wheal of Fortune.
  • Table Games: Includes Russian games of Bahar, Sic-Bo and Poker.
  • Sports Betting: Sports betting from football to E-Sport.
Games in the BLink platform.
  • Token Name: BLink.
  • Ticker: BLINK.
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain.
  • Token Standard: BEP-20.
  • Contract: 0x63870a18b6e42b01ef1ad8a2302ef50b7132054f
  • Token Type: Utility & Governance.
  • Total Supply: 999,999,999 BLINKs.
  • Circulating Supply: 184,346,346 BLINK (18/100%).

The total amount of BLINK tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • Mining: 30% – 300,000,000 BLINKs.
  • Ecosystem support: 30% – 200,000,000 BLINKs.
  • IDO: 30% – 200,000,000 BLINKs.
  • Binance Gaming developers support: 15% – 150000000 BLINKs.
  • Team: 15% – 150,000,000 BLINKs.

BLink has had an opening sale IFO in Pancakeswap for $0.01/BLINK. During that sale, BLINK raised $1 million in CAKE-BNB LP tokens and sold 100,000,000 BLINKs (10% of total supply).

IFO opening event on BLINK’s Pancakeswap.

BLink did not reveal a specific token release schedule, however, they did announce that: Of the 100 tokens released per day, then:

  • 60% will be divided among users.
  • The remaining 40% will be used to build new features for BLink’s platform.

Here are the applications of BLINK token:

  • Participate in proposals and vote on the BLink platform.
  • Staking on BLink platform to receive Rewards.
  • Have the opportunity to experience in exclusive events organized by BLink.

You can view the BLINK exchange rate and copy the smart contract for convenient transactions right at CHK Wallet with the following simple steps.

Instructions for viewing BLINK prices on CHK Wallet.

BLINK token is BEP20 token, you can store BLINK token on CHK Wallet with the following simple steps. See more instructions for installing and using CHK Wallet from A to Z here.

Instructions for storing BLINK on CHK Wallet.
  • Step 1: At the main interface, select Receive.
  • Step 2: Import BLINK in the search box.
  • Step 3: Copy BLINK wallet address and send BLINK token to this address.

You can trade BLINK tokens directly on CHK Mobile Wallet with PancakeSwap:

Instructions for buying and selling BLINK on CHK Wallet.

Step 1: At the main screen of CHK Wallet, you choose SWAP.

Step 2: Select PancakeSwap.

Step 3: Select the token to trade and fill in the necessary parameters for the transaction.

  • Select tokens from the list. With tokens that are new and not yet displayed on CHK Wallet, you can paste the contract and trade as usual.
  • BLink contract: 0x63870a18b6e42b01ef1ad8a2302ef50b7132054f
  • Enter the number of tokens you want to swap.

Step 4: Adjusted gas fee and inflation (slippage) according to demand.

Step 5: Browse transactions (approve) and complete the transaction.

Roadmaps & Updates


  • Launch of the game Dice (dice).
  • Launch of sports betting in the Live Games section.
  • Add user hierarchy.


  • Launching Casino game in the Live Games section.
  • Improved user hierarchy.


  • Release SDK and API.
  • Cooperation with businesses in the entertainment field.
  • List BLINK on major exchanges.
  • Launched a reward system for loyal players.


  • Poker game update.
  • Launched dApp store allowing 3rd party development.

Project team

BLink does not specifically announce the BLink project team. However, from a personal perspective, Justin Sun – the founder of Tron has made a significant contribution to the BLink project. Since these are projects supported by the Tron Foundation along with BitTorrent, JustSwap, JustLend,… Justin Sun has Tweeted in support of Blink here.





Source: CHK Analytics

Present Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem There are quite a few Gaming projects. However, they tend to combine more DeFi and NFT. It can be said that in the Gamble field, BLink with BLINK Token will be the largest project in the BSC ecosystem.

Official Website: BLink


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