What is Bloomberg?  Things you need to know about Bloomberg

What is Bloomberg? Things you need to know about Bloomberg


2021-03-23 08:23:27

What is Bloomberg?

Bloomberg A corporation that provides global financial information and information, including price data, time or financial data, transactions, and analysis.

Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, New York, USA. This is a private corporation run by a rich billionaire boss.

The company’s services span individual platforms, television, radio and magazines. Or provide professional analysis tools for financial professionals.

For example one can learn news and use it to analyze the market. Or specifically Forex market, electronic money, or stock.

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One of the main earning platforms is Bloomberg Terminal, which integrates pricing, finance, news, and transaction data for a wide variety of customers around the world.

History begin

Michael Bloomberg was born in 1942, an American businessman, politician, mayor of New York City for 11 years, 2002-2013 period. He founded Bloomberg LP in 1981 as an information and financial analysis technology provider.

Bloomberg products and services

Bloomberg Professional Services

In 2011, revenue from Bloomberg Professional Services, also known as Bloomberg terminal, accounted for more than 85% of annual sales. Proprietary computer system financial data providers, starting at $ 24,000 per user per year.

It allows subscribers access to the service to monitor and analyze real-time financial data. Search for financial news, quotes and send electronic messages through the Bloomberg Messaging Service. The terminal covers both public and private markets globally.

bloomberg professional services

Bloomberg News

Bloomberg News was founded by Michael Bloomberg and Matthew Winkler in 1990. It provides financial news reports to Terminal clients.

In 2000, Bloomberg News included more than 2,300 editors and reporters in 100 countries. Content produced by Bloomberg News is disseminated through Terminal, Television, Radio, Bloomberg Businessweek, Markets and website their.

Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg LP bought a weekly business magazine BusinessWeek in 2009. The company that bought the magazine is suffering from reduced ad revenue and limited circulation.

The aim is to engage general business with a media audience consisting mainly of terminal clients. After the acquisition, they changed their name to Bloomberg Businessweek.

bloomberg businessweek


Offers global business news 24 hours a day. Format is general and financial news.

Provides local, national and international news reports with financial market updates and interviews with business executives, economists and industry analysts.


Bloomberg television, a service of Bloomberg News. This is a 24-hour financial news television network. It was introduced in 1994, as a streaming subscription service on satellite TV provider DirecTV.

After joining the cable TV market. By 2000, the 24-hour news program was broadcast to 200 million households.


This magazine launches monthly in 1992. Provides insights into the global financial markets for financial professionals.

In 2010, the magazine was redesigned to keep its audience up to date in addition to terminal users.


Bloomberg Opinion, formerly Bloomberg View. This is an editorial section of Bloomberg News launched in May 2011. This website offers editorial content from categories, authors on news issues and is available for free on the public website. ty.


This luxury magazine is distributed exclusively to terminal users and newsstands. It ceased publishing in 2016. A digital version and Bloomberg television show continued under the same title.

Entity Exchange

Launched on May 25, 2016. Bloomberg entity exchange is a web-based centralized and secure platform for buyers, sellers, corporations and insurers, banks, and brokers. to meet your client’s identity verification compliance requirements (KYC).

Bloomberg government

Here is a division of Bloomberg BNA that provides tools, decisions, news and analysis based on data in digital workspaces for professionals who influence government actions.


Subscription service for real-time legal research. Service subscriptions provide access to legal records. Or reports from legal analysts as well as business news and information.


Bloomberg Tradebook is an electronic agent broker for equity, futures, options and forex trading. It was established in 1996, is an affiliate of Bloomberg LP.

“Buyer” services include access to transactional algorithms, analytics, and marketing insights. While its “vendor” services include connectivity to the electronic transaction network and global transaction capabilities.


A venture capital firm capitalized by Bloomberg LP. Founded in 2013, this $ 75 million fund focuses on investments in areas of interest to Bloomberg LP, and invests entirely in financial returns.

Innovation Index

Here is an annual ranking of how countries innovate. It is based on six criteria: research and development, manufacturing, high-tech companies, post-secondary education, research staff and patents.

Open Bloomberg

Publicly licensed its symbology and financial data API.

QuickTake by Bloomberg

QuickTake (formerly TicToc) is a social media brand. First launched on Twitter, it was extended to other platforms including: Youtube, facebook, instagram.

In December 2019, TicToc changed its name to QuickTake to avoid confusion with the social network TikTok.

Bloomberg New Economy Forum

This new economic forum is an event open only to business executives, government officials and scholars.

Who are bloomberg’s customers?

Thanks to their diverse ecosystem, they have a diverse client portfolio for their terminal services.

Almost all customers are financial services companies. Because its primary function is information about the company. Banks have Bank of America, JP Morgan, … As for university, Harvard, … there are many other large corporations.

Should I use Bloomberg products and services?

Take a look at their ecosystem, coverage, influence, and brand value to gauge. Generally speaking, Bloomberg Terminal is quite essential if you are working in commercial finance industry.

The amount and scale of immediately available data is quite amazing, and can be easily imported into Excel for analysis. The depth and quality of the data is second to none, both real-time and historical.

UI reviews, albeit primarily based on text and seem rather difficult to find what you need. But as you learn a few things allow you to navigate and explore data with speed and efficiency.

If any brothers still have weak English skills, please read their newspapers. Make sure to improve both qualifications and knowledge. Thanks

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