What is Clover (CLV)?  Complete set of CLV . cryptocurrency

What is Clover (CLV)? Complete set of CLV . cryptocurrency

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2021-05-21 05:00:16

What is Clover (CLV)?

Clover (CLV) is a highly compatible Smart contract platform with EVM built on Polkadot based on the substrates framework.

Highlights of Clover (CLV)

Clover is highly compatible with Ethereum’s EVM, allowing the same Dev experience as on Ethereum. Clover also offers an assortment of developer tools such as Clover Wallet and Clover Scan.

On Ethereum and some other smart contract platforms, users are required to have the platform’s native token to pay transaction fees. Clover supports users to pay fees in other tokens (fees are still calculated in CLV, through the exchange rate will be covered by other tokens). Clover also supports identity-based gas fees allowing regular users to pay lower gas fees depending on their network usage.

Information Clover Token (CLV)

Key Metrics CLV

  • Token Name: CLV Token.
  • Ticker: CLV.
  • Blockchain: Clover Chain.
  • Standard Token: Clover’s Native Token.
  • Contract: Clover’s Native Token.
  • Token Type: Governance + Utility.
  • Total Supply: 200,000,000 CLV.
  • Circulating Supply: Not live.

Token Allocation

  • Ecosystem Incentive & Parachain offering: 40%
  • Coinlist sale: 15%
  • Foundation: 12%
  • Team: 10%
  • Early Backers: 10%
  • Marketing: 7.5%
  • Contributors Grants: 3%
  • Private sale: 2.5%

Token Sale

  • Early Backers (May 2020 – March 2021) with an average price of $0.06 per token.
  • Private sale (April 2021) with an average price of 0.2$ per token.
  • Coinlist sale: 3 rounds, price from 0.2 – 0.35$ per token (ended).

Token Release Schedule

  • Ecosystem Incentive & Parachain offering: Vesting for 36 months.
  • Coinlist sale: Depending on the round, vesting from 12-18 months.
  • Foundation: Vesting for 36 months.
  • Team: Vesting for 36 months.
  • Early Backers: Vesting for 36 months.
  • Marketing: Vesting for 36 months.
  • Contributors Grants: Vesting for 36 months.
  • Private sale: Vesting for 18 months.

Token Use Case

  • Transaction fees: CLV is used to make transaction fees on the network (similar to gas fees on Ethereum).
  • Governance: SLV holders can participate in the administration of the Clover network.

How to earn and own CLV Token

Currently, the only way for you to own CLV and wait for the token to list the exchange and buy it on the exchange.

CLV Storage Wallet

Currently, people can store CLV on Clover Wallet.

Roadmaps & Updates

The project provides an overview roadmap, according to which the project will conduct the Polkadot Parachain plot auction in Q3, Q4/2021 and mainnet in 2022.

Project team, investors & partners

Project team

The team behind Clover is Viven Kirby, Norelle Ng, Burak Keçeli. All 3 are experienced developers in the market.


Some prominent investors of Clover: Devergence, Alameda Research, Polychain Capital, Block Dream Fund,…


The project also achieved many partnerships with many outstanding projects, such as:

Similar projects

Project website: Clover

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