What is crib? The meaning of the party

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2021-06-26 08:46:22

Cuddling cradle is a long-standing custom of the Vietnamese people, which is extremely important to children. So what is crib break, what does it mean to hold a baby shower party?

What is crib?

Baby cradle is a custom of Vietnamese people, held when babies are 12 months old. When organizing a baby shower party, families will prepare an offering tray to give thanks to the Mothers who have molded the baby. Depending on the locality, the custom of worshiping and holding the cradle ceremony will be different.

On the birth day, the baby will receive many gifts and blessings from everyone.

One of the important things in the birth ceremony is the ceremony of “choosing a career for the future” of the child.

Parents will display items such as mirrors, combs, pens, books, money, etc. around the children for children to choose from. The ancients believed that the child who chooses to hold an object first, it is the child’s future career choice.

Choosing a career for the future

How to calculate baby’s crib day

The baby’s birthday party is held on the lunar day of birth and is based on gender. According to the ancient concept, “boys are 2 less than girls 1”, which means that the baby boy’s birth ceremony is held 2 days earlier than the lunar date of birth, and that for girls is 1 day early.

Depending on the time arrangement and choice of each family, the cradle ceremony can be worshiped in the early morning or evening.

The meaning of the cradle ceremony for young children

  • It’s a party to mark the baby’s 1 year old birthday
  • To thank the midwives and the lords for shaping the baby. May the children be protected and healthy.
  • Wishing the best for the baby, expressing the joy and expectations of parents for the baby.
  • The word crib means that a child is born without a cradle and has begun to grow up and develop comprehensively as an independent individual.

Hope the above article has helped you to understand more about baby shower party.


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