What is Cryptocompare? WHY Cryptocompare is the world’s largest cryptocurrency DATA CENTER

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2021-03-22 22:21:25

When it comes to digital money, what is a reliable place to help investors gather the most valuable information to bring great profits for themselves?
The answer is CryptoCompare.

  1. What is Cryptocompare?

CryptoCompare is the world’s largest operating scale cryptocurrency data center. This is a reputable place for investors to participate in the discussion as well as follow the analysis of the latest trends on all crypto currency markets online in real time. CryptoCompare site. com provides a comprehensive objective view for readers about the analytical charts and trending coins on the world’s leading exchanges.

  1. Advantages of Crytocompare

  • Share a lot of knowledge about mining issues, mining equipment, new concepts, market knowledge, … etc.
  • Update the latest news, catch up with the trend of the market.
  • Provides insights into the world’s leading digital wallets, storage wallets and coin exchanges.
  • Allows users to freely share personal opinions on related issues.
  • Allows users to integrate data and news most relevant to their website.
  • There are a large number of Trading pairs and many different Crypto currencies.

The above advantages make CryptoCompare become a commercial information site for everyone who loves and wants to learn about this field cannot be ignored.

Development history

  1. Crytocompare development history

CryptoCompare was founded in 2014 by Charl Havter and Vlad Cealicu. Within five months, July 2015, the website was officially put into operation. The company is headquartered in London, UK and the majority of employees work in Portugal, Germany and Hungary, .. etc. /

CryptoCompare offers real-time buying and selling prices, chart and analyze the market from 65 global crypto exchanges to serve customer needs. Until now, CryptomCompare’s position as a leader has not been shaken compared to its peers starting at the same time. CryptoCompare is still and constantly evolving thanks to the positive feedback from customers.

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