What is DragonEx?  Everything about DragonEx trading floor (how to use, register)

What is DragonEx? Everything about DragonEx trading floor (how to use, register)


2021-03-22 15:05:51

What is DragonEX?

DragonEX is an electronic trading platform headquartered in Singapore and was established in November 2017. Since the launch of this exchange has focused on the Chinese market, the website’s language is now entirely Chinese. However, due to the rapid development along with the increasing demand for customers interested in the cryptocurrency field, DragonEX has launched an English version on the website on May 5, 2018.

Currently, the number of DragonEX users has exceeded 200,000.

DragonEX’s official website address: https://dragonex.io/

Information about DragonEX trading floor

DragonEX’s trading volume in the past 24 hours so far is over $ 71 million, equivalent to more than 11058 BTC.

  • About DragonEX floor features

– DragonEX is the first exchange in the world to share a profit distribution plan through their own token called Dragon Token (DT). This token is generated from the exchange’s transaction fees to be used as the profit distribution mechanism. DragonEX offers a new way to ensure the distribution of all commission income from daily transactions, creating intimacy and promoting the community to go up quickly.

– Security: The most modern and most advanced security methods currently applied in DragonEX exchange like SSL encryption technology2-layer security 2FA, multi-signature security and separation of hot and cold wallets.

– The supported coins: DragonEX supports coins such as: ETH, LTC, BTC, DT (Dragon Token)

– Trading platform: DragonEX’s trading platform is rated user-friendly.

– Transaction costs: The competition of transaction fees on DragonEX is always quite good compared to other exchanges, with 0.1% for maker and 0.2% for taker.

– Deposit cost: DragonEX does not charge a fee for users to deposit money into the exchange.

– Language support: English, Chinese are 2 languages ​​supported at DragonEX.

– Margin trading: Not yet supported on the DragonEX floor.

– Legal money: DragonEx supports converting USDT into Chinese currency, CNY. The fixed exchange rate makes the difference between the flat currency and cryptocurrencies not much.

– Customer support service: Currently, DragonEX floor supports customer counseling 24/7 through all chat channels on mail, ticket, website, facebook, twitter, telegram, .. etc .. of the floor.

About the risk of fraud on DragonEX

Till now, DragonEX has not been involved in any suspicion or complaint of fraud(scam) has never been hacked by a hacker. This is a good signal to help DragonEX quickly win the trust of users.

How to register an account on DragonEX

Step 1:

– Access to website: https://dragonex.io/

– Click Register (on the right side of the screen)

– Sign in with gmail (or sdt_mobile)

Step 2: Capcha validation

Step 3: Verify that the code was sent to the mail by the system automatically.

Step 4: Enter the code in the box “Verification Code” -> Check the box “Read and Agree” -> Click “NEXT”.

Step 5: Enter the following information to register for an account

– Login Password: Enter your password.

– Confirm Password: Re-enter the password above.

– Transaction Password: The password used for Trading (transaction or withdrawal) is different from the login password.

– Confirm Password: Re-enter the above trading password.

After entering all the information, click “COMPLETE”.

Account creation notice DragonEX has succeeded (REGISTRATION SUCCEEDED), you can proceed to log in (login).

How to trade on DragonEX

A simple guide to using your first coin trading account.

The steps below will help you start a trade on DragonEX:

Step 1. Log in to your DragonEX account

(registration instructions above)

Step 2. Verify DragonEX account

Before trading on DragonEX, you need to make sure your account is safe.

Account verification is a good way to get the best support when dealing with trading problems.

– Prepare 3 photos: ID / passport front, ID / passport back, selfie with you with a blank sheet of paper on hand with the word “DragonEX”, account ID and ID / passport number .

– Carry out the processes one by one (as shown in the picture

Step 3. Secure your DragonEX account by setting up 2F1

First, you need to download the Google Authenticator app to your phone.

IOS download link: https://apple.co/1lDUkZN

Android download link: https://bit.ly/2dG7bMr

To perform 2FA security, click on “GA” right below “Security” (as shown in the picture).

How to trade on DragonEX

Then, scan the barcode.

In the box “SMS Code” click on the sent and enter the code next to it (similar to gmail).

Get the 2FA code on the application then enter the box “GA Code” and click “CONFIRM” (as shown)

How to trade on DragonEX

Step 4. Deposit money into your DragonEX account

Currently, DragonEX is supporting users with 4 main trading markets BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), USDT (Tether) and DC (one stablecoin). In which, USDT market owns the largest trading volume. The article guides how to load BTC on the DragonEX floor, other coins are doing the same.

To fund your DragonEX secured account, click on “My Assets” to view different virtual currencies. Select your Bitcoin and click on “Deposit”. ( same picture)

How to trade on DragonEX

You will be provided with a BTC wallet address on DragonEX. Copy and save this address. Ensure the accuracy of the address to avoid losing funds.

You are also given a new code by scanning a QR code.

How to trade on DragonEX

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to confirm a transaction. Deposit History is available allowing you to view previous and ongoing transactions. When the transaction is successful, the column “Status” will display “Succeeded”.

Step 5. Start making transactions (trade coin) on DragonEX.

Now, you can start trading (buy / sell) the first coin on DragonEX. To do this, select “Exchange”.

You can see different coins and useful information to help you decide which coin to trade.

Read the following terms and enter the data you want to trade.

– USDT Available: Your USUD balance.

– Buy Price: enter the BTC price you want to buy.

– Buy Volume: Enter the amount of BTC you want to buy or click 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% to buy by% / total USDT you own.

– Actual Cost: The total amount of USDT you have to pay to buy the above total.

– Click “Buy”

– Enter Trading password and select “Confirm” to confirm.

The same goes for sale.

How to trade on DragonEX

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