What is Eco White DTCL, how to play Eco White DTCL

What is Eco White DTCL, how to play Eco White DTCL


2021-03-22 15:12:21

DTCL usually has a popular strategy type: Hyper-Roll, saving money early to roll out low-priced champions to 3 stars. These champions are often the mainstays in the team, helping the team to have a winning streak and keep up with the levels and then perfect the team later.

Slow Roll is the opposite tactic of the Hyper roll above, when using Slowroll. You will use your balance, usually over 50 gold for roll and up 3 stars for the main champions. This usually happens when your main hero costs 2 – 3 gold, but it also applies to champions 1 gold.

In addition, the Rush 8 strategy is an early level 8 tactic, usually in the 4-3 round to find faster 4 and 5 gold generals.

Recently, another tactic has appeared, White ECO, what this tactic is and how it is implemented, let’s find out in the article below.

What is Eco White DTCL, how to implement ECO White DTCL?

At first, ECO or Economy abbreviation was the way to do economy, make money. And Eco Trang in DTCL is called “Selling Blood” because in this strategy, you will not spend money to buy any champions on the ring, or just a few champions 1 – 2 gold.

You should only do White Eco when things aren’t going well around, roll no generals, each shop for a different clan, level 4 and still don’t have any 2-star generals … generally “multiplier Please use White ECO for “poor” products.

Although selling HP, you should not let the blood be too low, difficult to overturn later. Minimum health remaining should be above 30 health. Using Eco White in the Arena of Truth not only helps you to have a lot of money, but also has priority to pick up items as well.

Advantages of ECO White DTCL

  • Quick have a lot of money
  • Pick up the desired equipment and necessary champions
  • Break the chain of teams playing Than Tai

Disadvantages of ECO White DTCL

  • Losing a lot of blood
  • The risk of top 8 is high if he doesn’t roll out champions or go shopping without items or champions

When should ECO White be used?

eco page dtcl

As mentioned above, you should only use Eco Trang when your dignity is poor and cannot roll anything, the shop won’t give you any 2-star champions when you are at level 5. Or in the first rounds indicating champions, gold and Not much. Then gradually accumulate money until you meet the champions you want to play and feel good, then start to perfect the team.

eco page dtcl

Eco White DTCL is quite risky and requires gamers to be able to rotate the team well to be able to overturn later.

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