What is Elpis Battle (EBA)?  Learn about Vietnam Game Project & EBA Token

What is Elpis Battle (EBA)? Learn about Vietnam Game Project & EBA Token

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2021-10-02 22:50:12

If you are a fan of NFT Play-to-Earn games in blockchain, today I would like to share with you a new game called Elpis Battle, an RPG gaming project with role-playing genres on the internet. Lots of character designs. In today’s article, CHK will provide you with all the details including:

  • What is Elpis Battle? Elpis Battle Highlights.
  • Detailed information about tokenomics and how to store, buy and sell Elpis Battle Token.
  • Development roadmap and team, strategic partners of the project.
  • Some projects are similar to Elpis so that you can evaluate the development potential of this project.

Let’s find out together!

What is Elpis Battle?

Elpis Battle is a role-playing NFT gaming project developed on the BSC and Polygon blockchain platforms. Elpis tells about the battles between many races on the Planet thousands of years ago (including 8 planets). The plot, the characters, the game context and the art design aspect are focused on by the dev team.

Elpis Battle Website: https://elpis.game/

Highlights of Elpis Battle

Originally a game role-playing Based on character creation NFT, Elpis gives players a fanciful world. The main plot of Elpis Battle is 8 planets revolving around each other, each planet will have characters with diverse fighting abilities.

This is a form Play-to-Earn so when you join, you will be able to make money from playing the game. There are many ways to “Earn” in Elpis including Battle, Mining, Staking, Rent, Training,…

Coming to Elpis is more than just playing games, this new platform gives players the feeling of conquering new lands, we can become the rulers of those places and exploit the resources on their own. Or simply, if you don’t like playing games, you can collect NFT items (weapons, characters, …) and sell them to other users for profit.

Operation mechanism of Game Elpis Battle

Elpis will include many characters, each NFT will take on a different combat role (defense, attack, ..) The characters will include:

  • Human – Human: This NFT has intelligence, learns quickly and easily adapts in a variety of environments, has a clear strategy.
  • Elf – Goblin: A race that lives in nature with small and agile bodies, specializing in defending its territory by fighting invaders.
  • Naga: The half-human half-snake race commonly seen in myths. In addition to the ability to fight, this character with a charming appearance, enchanting voice will distract the enemy in battle.
  • Orcs: The race has a tall and strong body, which means that the temperament is also quite gruff and difficult to get along with other ethnic groups. However, thanks to their large appearance, Orcs are durable warriors and can fight in all kinds of harsh environments.
  • Angel – Angel: Race symbol of light and life. Represents creativity and energy in the group, and Angel has the least population of the races.
  • Dwarf – Troll: the continent will be the main territory of the Dwarves they live all year round in the cliffs and underground where the snow is thick, they are skilled at forging weapons thanks to the heat of the volcanoes deep in the earth.

In Elpis there will be a variety of territories, each with its own unique environmental characteristics. Environmental factors are also the main factors affecting the NFT character, so you should choose the right warriors when participating in the match.

Upgrade System: Players can upgrade the NFTs (Heroes, Pets, Items and Skills) by training and training the character.

Trading System: Trading system for users in the unlimited Elpis space, the NFTs that you own can freely trade in the Elpis NFT Marketplace or freely trade on other Marketplaces.

Elpis is still one Multiplayer System – gaming system that allows multiplayer with various modes such as PvP, Rental Hero, Adventure. Brothers participating in the game can interact with other players in a combat role or cooperate to conquer further goals, it will all depend on the needs and strategies of each player.

Elpis Battle Token (EBA) Information

EBA rate today


Key Metrics EBA

  • Token Name: Elpis Battle Token.
  • Ticker: EBA.
  • Blockchain: Ethereum.
  • Token Standard: ERC-20.
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance.
  • Total Supply: Updating…
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…

EBA Token Allocation

  • Game Incentives: 20%
  • Foundation: 15%
  • Operation Reserve: 15%
  • Staking Rewards: 15%
  • Token Sale: 15%
    • Private Sale: 12%
    • Seed Sale: 2%
    • Public Sale: 1%
  • Team & Advisors: 10%
  • Marketing & Liquidity: 10%
    • Marketing: 8%
    • Liquidity: 2%
EBA Token Allocation

EBA Token Sale


EBA Token Release Schedule

EBA Token Use Case

EBA is the native token of Elpis Battle and is applied as follows:

  • Products & rewards in gaming..
  • Propose and vote on important system changes.

How to earn and own EBA Token

You can earn and own EBA Token by:

  • Staking: Users can stake EBA to receive EBA.
  • Play to Earn: Complete in-game quests to receive EBA token rewards.
  • Buy tokens on supported exchanges.

EBA Token exchange & storage wallet

EBA Token storage wallet

EBA token is an ERC-20 token, you can store it on CHK Wallet with the following simple operation:

Step 1: At the main interface, select Receive.

Step 2: Enter EBA in the search box.

Step 3: Copy the wallet address and send EBA tokens to this address.

EBA Token Exchange

Currently, EBA has not been distributed to the community, so it is not supported for trading on exchanges. I will update the post as soon as I have information from the project side.

Roadmaps & Updates

Sep 2021

  • Private Sale.
  • Oct 2021.
  • IDO Campaigns.
  • NFT Farming.

Nov 2021

  • IGO Hero Mystery Box.
  • Marketplace.
  • Beta Version.

Dec 20221

  • Mainnet Release.
  • IGO Equipment Mystery Box.


  • Mobile Release.
  • PVP Duel Mode.
  • Skill Features.


  • Land Extension.
  • Pet System.
  • Leaderboard.


Project team, investors, partners

Project team

Elpis Battle’s development team includes:

  • Quang Nguyen – Former CEO of VCC Exchange, Dawn of POS, DeFi investor since 2017.
  • Thang Nguyen – CTO is also the Blockchain lead of Bunicorn and VCC Exchange.
  • Tien Chu – CGO of Zego Studio Top 3 Game Studio in Southeast Asia & Top 20 Glabal Game Studio.
  • Quynh Bui – CCO of Mytel Wallet, PhD at the University of Iowa College of Law, USA
  • Hoan Ngo – Head of Marketing, is the lead of ThitranCrypto Community.




Similar projects

Axie Infinity (AXIE): NFT Gaming allows Players collect and nurture fantasy creatures called Axies, go on quests to collect Axies, team up to battle, and buy & sell Axies with other players.

CryptoBlades (SKILL): Play to Earn NFT RPG (Role-Playing Game), a role-playing game based on simulated NFT characters, is built on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain by the Riveted Games LLC team (a game development company founded in year 2014).


Above is the latest information about EBA that I have updated, Elpis Battle is still in the process of completing the puzzle pieces, I will update it on the post to you as soon as possible.

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