What is Evmos Wallet?  Evmos Wallet User Manual (2022)

What is Evmos Wallet? Evmos Wallet User Manual (2022)


2022-12-03 18:43:41

What is Evmos Wallet?

Evmos wallet is where EVMOS is stored in this blockchain platform. Users can send and receive Evmos and participate in the testnet of the potential Evmos blockchain. In particular, this wallet is owned by the user, no one has the right to influence or use the wallet.

Evmos or EVM on Cosmos is a protocol that connects EVM chain and the Cosmos ecosystem. Evmos is the first EVM token that allows users to use administrative rights on EVM, and is a means of promoting economic development, as a platform for developers (developers), users (users) and validators ( authenticator) on the system.

Currently, CHK is supporting creating and restoring Evmos wallets to interact with this network, provided you need an Evmos wallet. This article will show you how to create an Evmos wallet in detail.

What does Evmos wallet address include?

Evmos wallet has 3 extremely important information to note:

  • Wallet address: A sequence of numbers and characters used to send assets to the Evmos wallet. Other people can transfer coins to you through the wallet address provided. The Evmos wallet address will have the following format: evmos1pf039ws02s9m8fxwnpt39nu84ertvqmpcchqru
  • Passphrase: Is a security key that can be understood as a password consisting of any 12 English keywords. When you want to restore the wallet, the user must go through the Passphrase login step. The format of the Passphrase is as follows: frozen future chalk knee still kid permit taste elder wife current problem
  • Private Key: Is a string format for connecting to an account, quite similar to the password of a bank account. The format of the Private Key is as follows: ae627f4d738d85519fd4bcaa5ff0587760c5857367132c598543bcf10005875b

After creating the wallet, you will receive the wallet address, passphrase and private key similar to the example above.

For ease of visualization, you can imagine the Evmos wallet as a bank account, the wallet address as the account number and passphrase or private key is the password.

The difference here is that with a bank account, other people will know your personal information. As for Evmos wallet, users become anonymous, people do not know each other’s identities, but only transact through addresses encoded into a sequence of numbers and characters.

Instructions to create Evmos wallet on mobile

Currently, the new Evmos wallet appears on the CHK Super App version. The extension version will be updated in the future.

Download CHK Super App

First, download the CHK Super App to your device.

After downloading the app, you open the CHK Super App and select the language you want to use, so you can directly access the wallet interface.

At this interface, you can create a new wallet or restore an existing wallet from other wallet applications on CHK Super App.

Evmos blockchain activation

Step 1: At the home page, select More → Active Blockchain.

Step 2: Select Evmos network activation and select Confirm.

Create Evmos ví wallet

Step 1: Open the application, at the homepage click Manage (Management).

Step 2: Choose Add Wallet (Add Wallet) and click on the Evmos (EVMOS) icon to create an Evmos wallet or users can choose to create a Multi-chain wallet to own more wallets with the same passphrase (recommended) → Create (Create wallet).

create evmos wallet 1

Step 3: Give the wallet a name (name it something that you can remember or use later). Choose Next.

Step 4: Backup your Passphrase/Private Key in a safe place. (Note: This is extremely important information that directly affects your assets).

  • Copy and paste the Passphrase/Private Key into the box Confirm (Confirm).
  • Tick ​​the box Back up your recovery key and click on the copy icon to confirm that the Passphrase/Private Key has been saved. You must save 12 security keywords in a safe place and absolutely do not disclose to anyone. Otherwise, the account is at risk of being stolen when someone knows these sequences of characters.
  • Tick ​​the remaining two boxes to confirm you understand the risks if you lose your Passphrase/Private Key.

Choose Create Wallet.

create evmos 2 . wallet

Once done, you can also access Manage → Manage All Wallets to check the newly created Evmos wallet.

Instructions to create Evmos wallet on desktop

Download CHK Extension Wallet

Access chrome.CHK.com to install CHK Extension Wallet.

coin98 wallet extension

For instructions on installing and using CHK Extension Wallet, you can refer to here.

Create Evmos ví wallet

Update soon…

Evmos . Wallet User Manual

Get tokens

This operation does the same on both super app and extension wallet versions, so you can refer to the ways below and follow along.

Step 1: Click on the Evmos wallet on the main screen.

Step 2: Choose Receive (Receive).

Step 3: Copy the wallet address or use the QR code address.

get evmos ví wallet tokens

Token transfer

This operation does the same on both CHK Super App and CHK Extension Wallet. The following article will give an example of how to receive Evmos stored in a mobile wallet.

Step 1: Click on the Evmos wallet.

Step 2: Choose Send (Send).

Step 3: Select the token and enter the number of tokens you want to send and the wallet address to send to. Adjust the gas charge slider to suit your needs. → Slide Send bar to confirm sending.

evmos . wallet token transfer

In addition, you can also go to the Send section in the main interface, select the wallet containing the token you want to send.

Note: Gas fees on the Evmos blockchain are calculated in EVMOS, you will lose a little EVMOS for each transaction.

Evmos Wallet Explorer needs to know to check transaction history

Evmos Wallet Explorer are explorers (block explorer) exclusively for Evmos, enabling users to retrieve information such as wallet addresses, cryptocurrency transactions, smart contracts, etc. from complex data.

evmos explorer

Although there have been quite a few different explorers, but now Mintscan and Evm.evmos are the websites trusted by the Evmos team to put on the project homepage.

Some notes when using Evmos . wallet

Is it safe to store tokens on Evmos wallet?

CHK is a non-custodial wallet, which means that the control of the assets is completely yours, no one has access to the wallet except you or unless you disclose the key to others.

Is it possible to create multiple Evmos wallets?

Definitely okay! You can create as many Evmos wallets as you like, each wallet will have a different address and passphrase, so remember to save it. What should be named so that you can easily manage if you create multiple Evmos wallets.

Can Evmos Wallet Store Other Coins?

Evmos wallet can store EVMOS coins supported by Evmos blockchain platform. In addition, absolutely do not transfer any coins in other blockchain platforms to the Evmos wallet if you do not want to lose your assets unfortunately.

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