What is Friktion? Learn About Portfolio Manager On Solana

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2021-10-30 20:57:11

If on Solana you are used to farming, individual trading in projects like Saber, Mango, … now there is a project that can help you manage your portfolio, participate in activities on one interface. only – it’s Friktion.

In this article, CHK will provide you with detailed information about this project, including:

  • What is Friktion? What makes this project stand out?
  • Who is Friktion for?
  • Similar projects to the Guild of Guardians so that you can evaluate the development potential of this project.

Let’s find out together.

What is Friktion?

Friktion is a new DeFi portfolio management project that appeared on the Solana ecosystem. The project is seen as a new profit-seeking opportunity, helping users to maximize profits and monitor profit fluctuations in different markets.

Friktion website: https://friktion.finance/

Highlights of Friktion

If before, when we wanted to participate in investment activities, we had to log in the wallet from an individual project, now, Friktion introduces users to a completely new solution, which is Volt.

What is Volt?

Volt is an automated portfolio manager (APM) that features both active and passive strategies. Volts defines and offers the following products: choice (options), futures contracts (futures), perpetual futures contract (perpetuals) and spot pricing on on-chain exchanges (CLOB, AMM, OMM), AMMs and Protocols.

Starting with options and non-linear products, Friktion can help identify sources that can provide sustainable returns for users, while also providing a sustainable way to feed the ecosystem. knowledge for risk management.

Volt is the first structured financial product on Solana, designed exclusively by Friktion. With Volt, anyone can safely invest and trade structured financial products for high returns. The first Volt strategies include:

  • Covered Calls: The fact that an investor executes a transaction to sell a call option with a value equivalent to the underlying asset owning.
  • Protective Put: The put option is guaranteed.
  • Volatility Yield: Allows investors to make money in all market contexts, including prices up or down.
  • Hedge: Hedging Impermanent Loss (temporary loss).

Friktion chooses to develop on Solana because DeFi on Solana has a distinct advantage: high throughput (tps), low transaction fees and fast transaction times. This makes Solana perfectly suitable as a platform for often high volume financial products like Friktion.

Who is Friktion for?

1. Passive investors and liquidity providers (Liquidity Providers)

Friktion offers an automated portfolio manager (APM) to generate profits over the market cycles. Investors simply enter their existing portfolio information, including: spot trading, perpetuals, liquidity, and then use Friktion to determine how to protect and grow the asset. better.

In addition, investors can hedge their Impermanent Loss while still earning attractive APY levels.

2. Active Trader

With Friktion, traders can use the options feature (leverage with liquidation) to trade and earn through products like Covered Call, Protective Put, Iron Condor and Straddle on their favorite DeFi assets.

In addition, traders can also arbitrage based on the volatility of the asset. Therefore, they can still make a profit whether the market goes up or down.

3. DAO, developer and protocol

Friktion allows DAOs to identify and manage Treasury risk, focus on core product development, and build their own community. In addition, the mechanism Liquidity Mining Flexibility also creates incentives to encourage long-term contributors to the Protocol.

Details about Friktion Token

Currently, Friktion has not announced the token launch, CHK team will update as soon as Friktion has more new information!

Roadmaps & Updates


Project team, investors & partners


Team Fricktion consists of diverse members who have worked in quantitative research and in Proprietary Trading companies (crypto assets, commodities, volatility products, treasury), blockchain, monetary policy and UI/UX design. The team has been working together since 2016.

In particular, Proprietary Trading are financial companies or commercial banks that make investments to earn direct profits from the market, instead of from customer transaction fees.


PsyOptions: The first partner of an options exchange running on Serum.



Similar projects



Above is all the latest information about Friktion – Portfolio Manager on Solana. How do you rate the potential of this project? Please comment below to discuss with CHK! Don’t forget to subscribe and join CHK Insights’ groups and channels below to discuss with admins and other community members:


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