What is Gate.io? Bitcoin exchange review and Altcoin Gate.io

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2021-03-23 23:22:31

It can be said that at present, cryptocurrencies, also known as virtual currencies, have been widely traded and accepted by many countries. Many centralized cryptocurrency exchanges help with liquidity as well as boost the growth of these cryptocurrencies. For more convenience for the transaction of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum. Virtual Money Blog I would like to introduce to you the trading floor Gate.io with outstanding features in securing transactions as well as information about customers buying and selling virtual currency on this floor.

Bitcoin Exchange Gate.io

What is Gate.IO exchange?

Gate.IO is a new exchange operated by the corporation Gate Technology Inc is a new cryptocurrency trading website that aims to offer its members an alternative to the exchanges that currently dominate the market. This website has been in operation since 2017 and aims to take over a portion of the crypto trading market by providing users with free access to some hard-to-find coins and upcoming projects. . The website is also designed to help investors find specific information regarding both their preferred currency and general market trends.

Gate.io exchange homepage

Features of Gate.IO exchange

Before you choose any broker, we recommend that you learn about its outstanding features and advantages. Here are the features of Gate.IO for you to know clearly:

  • Get a super secure SSL link: A highly secure website will have to own its own SSL certificate. You can simply understand that with these websites, the information between you and the server will be highly secure and more difficult to leak. A website address using SSL always has an address starting at https: // and Gate.IO too, you need to carefully check the website address https://www.gate.io/ to ensure safety. .
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals: This is a very important feature for us when entering a transaction. You don’t want a withdrawal to have to wait a few days for confirmation and possibly run into trouble with it. So, please rest assured that Gate.IO ensures deposit and withdrawal of funds from trading wallets without any obstacles.
  • Security feature authentication 2 times: This feature is common in banking websites, high security mailboxes. The double authentication when logging in will be a barrier preventing hackers from looking at the assets in your account, so we don’t need to worry that even though hackers know the login password, they cannot. Our pickpockets are okay.
  • Bitcoin cold wallet technology: If you are not comfortable storing bitcoins on the exchange, then simply, you can store bitcoins right on your computer without a computer network connection.
  • Cheap transaction fee: Gate.IO does not charge a fee when you deposit your account, but only charges for each transaction you trade. This fee is fixed at 0.2% fee per 1 transaction. We think that this is a stable and acceptable transaction fee.
  • Language supported: San Gate.IO supports 2 main languages, Chinese and English. Especially, the support team of the floor 24/24 all days of the week and support speed is quite fast.
  • Mobile trading application: A mobile trading app is a “must-have” for today’s exchanges and it’s great that the Gate.IO trading app is rated fast and efficient, is an important tool that contributes to market defeat for investors.
Gate's mobile app interface is considered quite complete and powerful
Gate’s mobile app interface is considered quite complete and powerful

GATE.IO floor Which coin to support and which market

Gate floor is a centralized exchange for trading and trading of more than 250 different types of coins and tokens. On this floor, investors can participate in exchange and purchase transactions in USDT markets, Bitcoin, Ethereum and QTUM. You can place exchange trading orders to other cryptocurrencies, tokens such as XRP, DOGE, LTC, GTC, NEO, BTM, BCD, HSR, GEM, ADA …

In addition, there are a lot of IEOs have been promoted on this exchange, bringing a lot of excitement to investors, we will continuously update the latest situation for you to know, and remember to keep an eye on the Our communication channel.

Gate.IO exchange fees

  • Deposit fee: Gate.IO does not charge fee for every deposit order.
  • Transaction fee: Every transaction on this floor is charged a fixed fee of 0.2%. In addition, if you reach fixed VIP thresholds depending on the value of Bitcoin in your account, the fees will be reduced as follows:

Register Gate.IO

Access webpage account and create an account by following the sign up process. You can open an account by clicking on New User Login Log In below the Login button. After doing this, you will be redirected to a registration page.

Here you can enter your username, email address, account password and fund password. You will also have a Captcha code to complete to complete the account creation.

By checking the User Agreement box and clicking ‘Create an account’, you will complete the registration process and a confirmation email will be sent to the address you entered.

After creating your account, proceed with identity verification and 2FA security settings.

How to trade on Gate.io

You can select a trading pair on the homepage or from the top drop-down menu by clicking on the trade button below your preferred market.

Once you have selected a trading pair, the exchange trade screen will upload. This is informative and can be a bit overwhelming at first, so take some time to get used to it. In the left column are the tabs for BTC, ETH, USDT and QTUM, after which you list what cryptocurrencies you can trade with.

The center section contains charts and candlesticks for your current selection with the Buy and Sell boxes below and your open and past trades accordingly.

In the right column are global market information showing the prices other exchanges are trading at, and below are the current selling prices and transaction history.

The interface is well designed with a clean interface and everything you need is easy to find.

Gate.io is safe?

The exchange uses both cold and hot wallets to store money and is not currently hacked. Gate.io also offers two-factor authentication, SMS notification and KYC verification.

Client accounts are secured using two-factor authentication and a combination of user login passwords, allowing users to log in to their Gate.io accounts and the user’s funds password, providing Grants access to withdrawals and transactions. When registering for exchange, users should:

  • Set a strong login password and a fund password.
  • Check the Bind IP box to login.
  • Enable two-factor authentication for your account.
  • Secure the email associated with your Gate.io account with strong passwords and two-factor authentication.

Gate.io also uses a hierarchical verification system for higher deposit accounts. For any withdrawals stuck in the status verification, it is necessary to go through the KYC2 stage.

To do KYC verification, you can access your account, then click Wallet> KYC to upload the required photo card and information.

After the end of KYC1, you can continue going through KYC2 and after completing KYC2 verification, your withdrawal will be processed immediately.

Gate.IO Collect $ 64 million at launch GateChain Token

Collect a transaction fee of up to 64 million USD for the fundraising to open the sale of Gatechain Token (GT) – The token used as a transaction fee on the Gate exchange. According to Coindesk, the amount of money to open for sale in the first week is up to 3 billion USD.

What is GT?

Gatechain Token (GT) is part of the GateChain ecosystem. Used as a future development capital for projects from the Gate exchange. And the distribution process of the Gatechain Token (GT) will be made open, fair and completely transparent. There is no ICO or PrivateSale, nor does it allocate coins to the development team, no pre-order and no priority for large organizations. According to the source from the Gate.IO Blog

For more information, you can visit:


Gate.IO floor with good security features, fast and accurate support via mail. In addition, we can use Gate.IO trading apps right on mobile phones without fear of missing wavelengths, great profitable opportunities in the vibrant cryptocurrency market. The special thing is that even though this is a newly established floor, the attraction is huge, the daily transaction volume has increased sharply. Should be in addition to reputable exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, Huobi Gate might be a good alternative.

If you want to learn more about Gate.IO, how to register an account and instructions on how to use a trading app on a mobile phone or find other information, do not forget to follow Virtual Money Blog – specializing in electronic news site with the latest information and trends in virtual currency.

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