What is hail?  Why does hail happen?

What is hail? Why does hail happen?


2021-08-23 07:12:08

What is hail? Why does hail happen? Let’s read the article below to understand more about this weather phenomenon.

What is hail?

Hail is a phenomenon of rain in the form of particles or ice cubes of different shapes and sizes, ranging from 5mm to tens of centimeters. Hail particles often fall with showers and are often irregularly spherical in shape.

Why does hail happen?

Hail often occurs in summer, forming under conditions of strong atmospheric convection and thunderstorm clouds.

Hail often occurs in mountainous areas, areas bordering the sea or bordering mountains. In Vietnam, hail can occur in all regions.

The mechanism of hail formation, you can watch in the video below.

Hail falls at great speed through the atmosphere. The larger the size, the heavier the weight, the higher the falling velocity of the hail. The average speed of hail drops ranges from 30 – 60m/s, even up to 90m/s. With such great velocity, falling hail can cause heavy damage to trees, vegetables, and can even cause heavy damage to corrugated iron roofs.

Hail in Yen Bai.

Be aware of an impending hail phenomenon

We can identify impending hail based on a number of weather features such as:

During the day, there are strong thunderstorms creating a continuous “buzzing, rumbling” sound, dark clouds cover the sky, shaped like a breast, the air temperature seems to cool down very quickly. There was thunder at night, the wind that was blowing suddenly stopped, it was suddenly cold…

If a few raindrops appear along with the above phenomena, it is likely that hail will occur, everyone needs to find a safe place to hide immediately.


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