What is HYIP?  Should you invest in HYIP sites?  Instructions on how to identify phishing HYIPs.

What is HYIP? Should you invest in HYIP sites? Instructions on how to identify phishing HYIPs.


2021-03-22 17:07:12

HYIP is a term familiar to almost every online investor. However, for investors who are just starting to learn about this field, it is still a difficult question to understand the nature of HYIP, also known as super-profit investing. The article provides an objective look at HYIP to help you answer the above question. What is HYIP? Should or should not invest in HYIP sites? How to recognize phishing HYIPs. Please follow the article.

  1. What is HYIP?

HYIP is an acronym for the phrase High Yield Investment Program – Investing in super profit or otherwise called investment trust. This is a form in which the trustee transfers money to the trustee to help them transfer that money to invest in another project. After the committed time period, the trustee will have to pay the profit to the depositor. This method brings super high profits, many times higher than the interest you get from savings at the bank. HYIP investment brings profits by month, day or even hourly depending on the regulations of each site (web).

The investment process in HYIP sites is very simple. After bringing your investment money into the HYIP site, you just need to wait for the date of withdrawal of both capital and the interest rate specified by that page. Investing HYIPs on the web can help you achieve high returns of up to 2-5% / day while the normal return is only 0.3-1% / day. It is the simplicity of the method and the extremely high interest rate that helped HYIP attract many participants. However, the profit is too high while the opportunity cost that investors trade too low, leading to a high risk ratio in the HYIP investment process.

  1. Should or should not invest in HYIP sites?

To answer the question of whether or not to invest in HYIP sites, investors must first consider the level of risk involved in HYIP. The biggest risk facing HYIP sites is when they get enough of the trust bitcoins and disappear without a trace. HYIP websites have high profits from 2%./dates or more normally last only a few days or months. HYIP sites with margins below 1% typically have a longer lifespan. However, anything can happen.

Venture capital investment is only suitable for those who are really brave and reckless. Although knowing that the opportunity really is not much capital, many people still cling to it. A Smart Investor is an investor who makes rational decisions, especially the basis of HYIP. 99% of HYIP websites are scamsHowever, what determines the success or failure of your investment is not finding the right 1% but at the life expectancy of the other 99%. The remaining 1%, of course, is not impossible to find, but what matters is that the timing is right or not. One can distinguish fraudulent HYIP investment sites through certain signals.

Should or should not invest in HYIP sites?

  1. Identifying signs of fraudulent HYIPs

An identifier of the most all HYIP sites are they do not accept Paypal deposits Due to the fact that HYIP is a virtual account, if using Paypal, that account may be limited or cannot be withdrawn. Sites HYIP only accepts payments via PM, Payeer, Bitcoin… because they are both anonymous and one-way payments, irrecoverable.

The signs of phishing HYIPs you can check for include:

– Simple and sketchy interface

– Use free host, domain free

– Domain name is not registered for the license

– There are often forms of attracting investors by Bonus or PR plan

– Very high interest rate with low interest payment period

– Sites HYIPs that call for big investments typically have a lifespan of between 1 year and 3 years. Therefore, the timing of website establishment should be considered.

To check the information, do the following:

Step 1. Go to the web address: www.domaintools.com

Step 2. Enter HYIP site address and Lookup

If the result has many other sites created from the same IP with that site, the possibility of scam is very high.

Finally, CHK wants to send a message that: HYIP is a playground not for greedy people. If you are a wise investor, CHK believes you have made a choice for yourself.

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