What is IDO?  Will playing IDO really win 100%?

What is IDO? Will playing IDO really win 100%?


2021-04-01 08:09:55

In the previous post, I explained what SHO is, as well as some interesting related facts, you can read more here. This article will focus on IDO as well as the interesting aspects of IDO.

What is IDO?

If you are familiar with terms like IEO, ICO, then IDO is about 90% similar to the above concepts. Perhaps the biggest difference is that IDO will raise capital on AMM fundraising platforms such as Poolz, Polkastarter, …

Next, IDO will usually have 2 pools, one pool for the community, and the other pool for users to hold the platform token (POLS, DAO, …). In addition, the currency used for IDOs is also quite diverse, be it USDT, USDC or ETH.

If you still do not understand the IEO, ICO as well as their differences, please refer to the following articles:

Why is IDO so popular?

For the project to develop, connecting with the community is a must, so how does IDO help in this stage?

Back in the years 2017 – 2018, tokens were distributed to users through ICOs, IEOs, where users could buy tokens at low prices. Lucky users who buy tokens are always waiting for a pump when they go on the floor to expect a profit x5 – x10. However, to have such a level of profitability requires a huge amount of money to pour in.

Example: Konomi IDO with Initial Cap is $ 200,000. To x2, there must be a cash injection worth $ 200,000. Similarly, if x4 would be $ 800,000, and up to x10 would be $ 2,000,000. However, with the development of current AMMs, pushing prices up won’t cost that much.

This is a very effective way of marketing, because the project will be repeated a lot with a huge ROI and public interest (or maybe terrible). In addition, the project can measure its “hot” by seeing if the ROI will go as expected.

Besides, the project also does not need to pay the cost of CEX floor listings, a cost that is not cheap. With Uniswap, Sushiswap, projects can list tokens easily and for free.

Therefore, with IDO, both the project and the user get the benefits they want.

Factors that affect the underlying token price

Besides joining Whitelist, you can buy platform tokens with the popular incentive: Lock tokens to join a private pool for token holders.

However, the question here is: How is investment right?

Above are a few fundraising platforms and the ATH ROI of the project token. By locking tokens to gain access to a dedicated token holder pool, these tokens have had a relatively good ROI.

As a pioneer as well as having about 70 IDO projects as of the time of writing, POLS has an ROI of x15 calculated from the Public Sale price. Falconswap has solved the problem of high transaction fees and slow transaction speed; However, with only 3 IDOs, FSW did not have as good growth as the rest of the platforms.

DAO Maker and Poolz currently have 16 SHO and 8 IDO respectively with the highest profit x8.5 and x6 respectively.

Thereby, it seems that the project token price will be affected by the incentive token lock to participate in the Special pool and the number of IDO projects, not depending on the outstanding features of the platform.

So IDO is a sure win bet?

According to the survey, almost anyone who can buy at Public prices is profitable, just a little or a lot. In addition to the foundation token price increase as mentioned above, many people think that IDO is a “money-out” contract for everyone. But is that the truth?

If you have never participated in IDO, you will not know that there must be a Whitelist round to choose those LUCKY people who have the opportunity to buy Public Sale token prices. It is difficult to give the rate of winning Whitelist, however, according to my experience, as well as surveying quite a lot of real people, the hit rate is almost very low.

For example: Tidal Finance IDO has 183,221 registrations, however the number of people chosen is 200 ⇒ The hit rate is… 0.01%.

If I do not win Whitelist, the price of the foundation token will also increase, why is it still not a sure bet?

In fact, it is only when brothers are the FIRST to buy these tokens at Public Sale prices, or before the first IDO news release, is there a high chance of making a profit. If you enter in the middle stage, there is a high chance that the following situation will happen:

  • Buy the base token price already xxx compared to the Public Sale.
  • Whitelist is slashing her voice like AK47.
  • BTC dump like flood discharge.
  • Few platforms hacked, rug pull.
  • Psychology is weak, claiming that no longer any IDO happens on this platform.
  • Capital jam.

All together, creating a series of stressful events, leading to the sale of token losses. Next, things did not go as expected: IDO still happens, BTC sideways, … leading to a rising token Fomo acquired. This loop must be used to you, right.

IDO is in the bag

This article is not for the past or present, but is intended for future reference only. Specifically, the IDO trend is likely to continue until the end of this year, or possibly further when users are still too fond of this form.

To really master the IDO “hand”, based on the above factors, you should play a new game where you are the one in the first position. These are new projects such as Samurai, Zeedo, … or even a new ecosystem: Solana with Solanium, Solstarter, … instead of old projects like Polkastarter or DAO Maker.


IDO is really an interesting game for players with large capital, and also a “trump card” to help change the position for small capital brothers. Hope you guys through this article can find themselves the right way to play IDO.



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