What is IGCSE – make tech easier

What is IGCSE – make tech easier


2021-03-25 18:37:59

IGCSE stands for “International General Certificate of Secondary Education”, this is a general education program for students from 14 to 16 years old. IGCSE was developed by Cambridge International Examinations in 1988.

So, to put it simply, IGCSE certificate is an international secondary education certificate.

The Cambridge Middle School program offers more than 70 subjects. Students must take a minimum of 5 or maximum of 14 subjects to be certified to be IGCSE. English, Math and Science are compulsory core subjects. In addition, students can choose from other subjects according to their interests and abilities from Social Sciences (Accounting, Sociology, Business Studies, Economics,) to Arts & Technology (Technology). Information Technology & Communication, Computer Research ..).

Students who complete the Cambridge Secondary School program (finishing grade 9 according to a training project but with a diploma deployed in Hanoi) will take the Cambridge IGCSE certification exam.

IGCSE scores are based on a final test, which means that it is a certificate of the test results of each subject, not a certificate of completion. So, if you do not have time to complete a full-time course, want to study at home without going to school but want an international certificate, you can choose IGCSE.

With IGCSE certificate, you can choose to continue studying A level 2 years in the country or abroad, or take the university exam in the country.

IGCSE can help you:

  • Seize the opportunity to study at reputable colleges and universities in Vietnam or in other countries around the world.
  • There are great career opportunities.
  • Pass an English test to settle or study in another country.
  • Develop life and study skills that will help you become more confident.

Some schools have Cambridge IGCSE training programs in Vietnam: Nisai Global School, Vietnam Australia International School in Hanoi, Vinschool, WellSpring High School, Nguyen Sieu School.


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