What is ImToken?  Instructions for registration and security of imToken e-wallet

What is ImToken? Instructions for registration and security of imToken e-wallet


2021-03-23 11:57:36

What is ImToken?

ImToken is a simple but very secure electronic wallet used to store ERC20 virtual currencies built from the Ethereum blockchain platform. Currently, this wallet only supports smartphones through apps on Adroid and iOS. You can use imToken to store coins from Airdrops, Bounty (coin donations of developers)

Link download versions of electronic wallet imToken

Instructions for registration at imToken

Below Virtual Money Blog will guide you to register and secure at imToken on iOS, for Android, do the same

Step 1: Please download the application of imToken Download through the download link above to match the operating system of the smartphone you are using.


Step 2: You open up the application and then click on the section “Create Wallet” and fill in the required information including

  • Wallet Name: Username used later to log into the wallet
  • Password and Repeat Password: enter 2 passwords like in those two lines
  • Password Hit: Function that suggests to the user information related to the main password when the user has forgotten those passwords


When you have completed the above information, you should tick the “Agree on Team of Service and Privacy Policy” and click on the “Create Wallet” box to finish!

Security guide at imToken

After creating your account, you will go to the main interface of the wallet, then it will take you to the parts to do to secure your account the best by clicking. “Go Backup Now”



Next, you click on the section “Export Private Key” To get information about the private key and need to store it in a private place and not let anyone know this priavte key, the private can be used for logging in or making transactions that require them to verify. receive transaction.


To increase security factor now imToken You can use one of 2 additional functions in the wallet “Backup Mnemonic” or “Backup Keystore”. Here I choose Backup Mnemonic, Clicking on that section will prompt a screen to prompt for your password, then you will see a next page showing you a series of words as shown in the screenshot below.


All you need to do at that time is capture or write down those letters and put them away, then you can go ahead and click “Next” and there will be a new page that will ask you to arrange the suggested phrases in the exact same order as the photos you took or recorded earlier. After filling in, click “Confirm” to complete security work in your e-wallet imToken


Instructions for adding a new coin to the imToken wallet

Access the wallet and select the section “Profile”


Then you select the part “Manage Wallet”


In section “Manage Wallet” There will be coins available in the wallet including Ethereum and other coins, including the features “Create” to create new coins in wallets and features “Import” Used for the case of using the wallet on a new device different from the current one


When choosing one of the two features, they must fill in the required information including password, Private Key and Mnemonic. Once done, click “Create” or “Start Importing” to add a new coin to the wallet or transfer the wallet to another device.

Instructions for receiving and sending Coin in imToken wallet

Because the nature of receiving and sending coins is similar, the Virtual Currency Blog will guide how to receive and send Ethereum cryptocurrencies. imToken

To send or receive, simply click on the ETH icon in the section “Manage Wallet” And it will take you to the individual management page of each coin.


At the main screen of ETH you will see 2 parts: “Send” is to send money and “Receive” is to receive money, And when you click on 1 of the 2 parts, then imToken requires you to verify by scanning the QR Code. Then enter the section to enter the necessary information such as “Address of the receiving or sending wallet”, “The amount of ETH to send and receive”, the text of memo remittance and the fee based on the transaction speed.


When filling out all of the above information, you click on “Next” and are asked to verify by entering a password with the private key to finish receiving and sending money in imToken


Above is the article “What is ImToken? Instructions for registration and security of imToken e-wallet “ of the Virtual Currency Blog, hopefully through the article you can easily register and use the e-wallet ImToken.

If you have difficulty in the registration process, use an e-wallet ImToken Then leave a comment below of Virtual currency blog OK, we will reply to you as soon as possible. And don’t forget to give yourself a Like, Share and 5-star rating below. Good luck.

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