What is KAVA?  Introducing the 10th project details on Binance Launchpad

What is KAVA? Introducing the 10th project details on Binance Launchpad


2021-03-23 12:22:50

After a quiet period of time Binance just introduced the 10th project above Binance Launchpad with the name KAVA. Project Launchpad this time can revive the IEO trend or something like PERL, BAND? Let’s find out together CHK Please!

What is Kava?

Kava is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) platform. To become a decentralized financial platform, they provide a Lending platform and stable currency compatible with major cryptocurrencies. The platform accepts collateral such as BTC, XRP and ATOM.

DeFi Kava platform

How does the Kava platform work?

Users deposit their cryptocurrencies into the platform. The cryptocurrency will be locked out as collateral in the CDP. User will get a stable loan of USDX based on CDP value. Users pay loans and fees to unlock collateral. Similar to margin, the system will automatically liquidate collateral if the liabilities fall below the specified threshold. After the user has paid the debts, the system burns USDX and the collateral is returned to the user.

How the Kava platform works

Electronic currency KAVA

What is KAVA Token?

This is the native cryptocurrency of the Kava ecosystem.

Kava token

KAVA Token Use Cases

KAVA is used in three main cases:

  1. Security: Blocks are authenticated by 100 nodes. The reward for those running validators is KAVA tokens
  2. Administration network: KAVA is used for proposals and voting
  3. Last Resort’s Lender: KAVA acts as a “currency” that stabilizes the market price for USDX

Token governance and fund usage

As of October 2019, Kava Labs has used about 15% of the amount under the following allocation

  • Platform development: 45%
  • Business development and marketing: 25%
  • Activities: 10%
  • Legal & Accounting: 10%
  • Others: 10%

KAVA token issuance schedule

The following chart shows the intended number of KAVA tokens to be issued monthly:

Calendar release

Distribution of KAVA

  • Private Sale 1 (June 15 to June 30, 2019): 30.05% of the total supply
  • Private Sale 2 (July 15 to July 31, 2019): accounts for 5.0% of the total supply
  • Private Sale 3 (August 15 to August 31, 2019.): Accounts for 4.93% of the total supply
  • Binance Launchpad Sale accounting for 6.52% of total supply
  • Shareholders of Kava Labs holds 25.00% of total supply
  • Token Treasury accounting for 28.48% of the total supply

Distribute Kava Token

Storage wallet

You can keep tokens directly on exchanges that support this token (Binance, MXC, …) or in TrustWallet.

Roadmap of dproject

Quarter 2/2019:

  • MVP release of the Kava CDP system
  • Public release of testnet 1.1
  • Launch of a reward program to encourage users to run the validation nodes
  • Public testnet release 2000

Quarter 4/2019

  • Public testnet release 3000
  • Mainnet launch
  • Release System Beta CDP
  • Completed vesting on-chain for validators
  • OKEx Pool and Huobi Pool become Kava’s new validators

Quarter 1 of 2020

  • Launch of Kava CDP Testnet
  • Bug Bounty release

Quarter 2/2020

  • Cross-chain asset in CDP system on mainnet
  • Integrate deposited BTC Peg into the testnet of the CDP system

Quarter 3/2020

  • Integrate both depository and non-custodial BTC Pegs into the mainnet of the CDP system


Partners in the ecosystem

The project has a number of prominent partners like Ripple or Cosmos. In addition, Kava also has the following partners:

Partners in the ecosystem

Overview of the development team

Brian Kerr (CEO): Advisor of Snowball and DMarket.io

Ruaridh O’Donnell (Co-Founder): Former Data Engineer & Analyst at Levelworks, Deep Learning Specialist

Scott Stuart (Co-Founder and Head of Product): Former CEO of Levelworks

In addition, the project brings together prominent figures in the industry to head different departments.

Transaction data

Liquidity: KAVA tokens have not been actively traded as of the date of this report’s publication.

Technical overview

Top public Github repositories:

  • kava: Blockchain Kava
  • kava: Technical specifications and research of Blockchain Kava
  • Kava-Testnets: Repository for Kava’s public Testnets


Kava’s main product is the CDP Kava platform. Here, users can mortgage electricity money to borrow USDX. To better understand how the system works when the mainnet officially works, see the following chart:

Activity diagrams

Community data

Kava’s community mainly includes:

  1. Stakers & Validators (Responsible for the security and administration of the platform)
  2. Investor and tradet (Platform’s user base)
  3. Application developer

Community and social channels

Telegram (English) | 1.7K Members

Twitter (English) | 3.8K Followers

Medium (English) | 204 Followers

Riot.im (English) | 160 Members

Adviser project

Sunny Aggarwal | Scientific researchers

Terry Chen | Twine, VP of Engineering

Roderik van der Graaf | Lemniscap, Managing Partner

Rob Leshner | Compound.finance, Founder & CEO

Brian Fabian Crain | Chorus One, Co-founder & CEO

Jack Zampoline | Tendermint, Product Manager

How to own KAVA token?

  1. Join the IEO
  2. Buy tokens on listed exchanges
  3. Staking
  4. Join bounty programs
  5. Become a runner in validators for rewards

How to make a profit from KAVA

  1. You can trade or hold tokens on listed exchanges
  2. Staking on Binance to receive an annual interest of 3-20%
  3. Alternatively, you can join Lending on Binance. But you have to constantly check to see when the floor supports, lest you miss out.

Should invest in KAVA is not?

First, you need to know that any investment is both a risk and an opportunity. Therefore CHK It is recommended that you learn carefully and make your own decision, not listen to “incite” from any individual.

Details of the KAVA project on Binance Launchpad

KAVA token sale details

  • Token name: Kava (KAVA)
  • Launchpad Hard Cap: $ 3,000,000
  • Total supply: 100,000,000 KAVA
  • Total tokens allocated to Binance Launchpad: 6,521,739 KAVA (6.52% of total supply)
  • Public token sale price: 1 KAVA = 0.46 USD (price in BNB will be determined before the lottery draw date)
  • Token sale format: Lottery & Airdrop
  • Maximum number of winning lottery tickets: 15,000
  • Allocation for each winning ticket: 200 USD (434.78 KAVA)
  • Total Airdrop: 326,087 KAVA
  • Supported sessions: BNB only
  • The token will initially be issued as a BEP2 asset.


  • At 7:00 am, September 23, 2019 to 7:00 am, October 23, 2019: Balances will be taken daily for 30 days. Average balance taken daily over 30 days will determine how many tickets you can receive.
  • At 1:00 pm, October 23, 2019: Eligible users can get tickets within 24 hours. The user must also sign the Token Purchase Agreement at the same time, prior to completing the ticket request. Please note that users will only be able to claim tickets once.
  • At 1:00 pm, October 24, 2019: The ticket collection request will be closed and the lottery begins.
  • At 3:00 pm, October 24, 2019: Winning tickets are announced and the respective BNB will be deducted from the winning user’s account. Please ensure you have enough BNB in ​​your account to deduct within 24 hours if you have a winning ticket.
  • At 3:00 pm, October 24, 2019: After this time, the airdrop will be distributed to the unsuccessful tickets.

*Note: All times and dates are in Vietnamese time.

Lottery ticket distribution

Like the previous IEO, this time users will also receive a maximum of 10 tickets. Details are below:

Lottery ticket distribution

Launchpad Win Rate Prediction 10

The market went down, so the number of Binance IEO participants was the highest at 43,600 people to Launchpad 9 with only 35,579 participants. CHK predicts this time to drop to 30,000 participants and an average of 5 tickets per person. Participants will have a 10% chance of winning. With a Hardcap of $ 3,000,000, pushing the KAVA price is easy, so the price can be x5-x8 compared to the IEO price.


Hope the article “What is KAVA? Introducing the 10th project details on Binance Launchpad ” brings lots of useful information. I wish you a successful investment!

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