What is March 19?

What is March 19?


2021-03-26 13:40:41

March 19 is the 78th day of each normal year. March 19, 2021 is the 7th day of February of the lunar calendar, which is the day of the tiger, the month of the cat and the year of the new year.

Zodiac hour March 19, 2021: Ty (23h-1h), Ox (1h-3h), Thin (7:00 am-9:00), Ty (9am-11h) Mui (13:00-15h), Tuat (19h-21h) .

What is March 19?

  • Feast of St. Joseph to St. Joseph from Nazareth, husband of the Blessed Mother (Roman Catholic and Anglican)
  • Father’s Day in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, and Honduras.

Historical events take place on March 19

March 19, 1279 – The Nguyen Army overcame Nam Tong at the Nhai Mon battle, Prime Minister Luc Tu Phu hugged Tong De Binh and committed suicide; Yuan Dynasty unified China.

March 19, 1873 – The French invaded Hung Trung, ending the Bay Thau Insurrection that took place in An Giang, Nam Ky.

March 19, 1915 – Pluto is first photographed, but not recognized as a planet.

March 19, 1918 – Congress sets standard time and accepts a regime that extends daytime working hours.

March 19, 1932 – Sydney Harbor Bridge, the tallest arch bridge architecture in the world, officially opened to traffic.

March 19, 1945 – World War II: A Japanese aircraft that attacks the aircraft carrier USS Franklin (pictured) of the United States are traveling near the coast of Japan, killing 724 and 265 affected. love.

March 19, 1946 – French Guyane, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion become French Overseas Provinces.

March 19, 1972 – India and Bangladesh sign a treaty of friendship.

March 19, 2013 – Pope Francis is crowned with the Opening Ceremony of his Mission.



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