What is March 20?  Let’s take a look at the history and significance of this special day

What is March 20? Let’s take a look at the history and significance of this special day


2021-04-01 06:43:34

March 20 is Happy International Day, quite a special day in the world. So, what is International Day of Happiness, the historic significance of International Day of Happiness? Along find out the article below to get the answer.

It is difficult to define what happiness is, but simply understand it as a kind of feeling, you feel you have that means you have.

1. What is International Day of Happiness?

In June 2012, the United Nations selected March 20 as the International Day of Happiness. 193 member countries (including Vietnam) pledged to enthusiastically support this day.

Happy International Day originated in Bhutan, this is a small kingdom located deep in the eastern Himalayas, and where people’s lives are always happy. The happiness index will be based on the following criteria to evaluate: health, spirit, education, environment, quality of management and people’s standard of living. The slogan for the International Day of Happiness chosen by Bhutan is: “Natural happiness for the nation” …

On March 20, 2013, this is the first time that humanity has celebrated the International Day of Happiness – the day for us to care about the core issue of our existence: How to find so much joy in life?

From there, promoting positive things is pervasive all over the planet. On this March 20, everyone in the world, young or old, girl or boy, takes time to create joy and happiness for themselves and everyone around them.

On this occasion, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki mun (Ban Ki-moon) called upon citizens of all countries to “commit to helping those around them”, promoting sustainable and inclusive development. Humanity is represented by “love spreads happiness and helps us build a better future. So that when we participate in good deeds, we ourselves also receive good things in return”.

2. The meaning of the International Day of Happiness March 20

The meaning of the International Day of Happiness March 20

The reason the United Nations chose March 20 as the International Day of Happiness is because it is also the most special day of the year, when the sun is across the equator, so the day and night are equal in length. – is a symbol of the balance and harmony of the universe. Also a symbol of the balance between yin and yang, between light and darkness, between dreams and reality …

Therefore, March 20 – International Day of Happiness conveys the message that balance, harmony is one of the keys to happiness.

So how to balance, to achieve harmony in order to receive happiness?

To have happiness and to receive perfect happiness is not far away but brought by ourselves. In order to have sustainable happiness, the three pillars of society, economy and a healthy environment will be important and key factors determining the happiness of each country and the quality of life of its people. The more these issues are concerned, the happier the lives of people in those countries are. Together, these factors will create the common index concept of global happiness.

Happy International Day after publication has been supported by many countries around the world. Up to now, 193 member countries have responded and pledged to support this day with efforts to improve the quality of life, build a fair society, sustainable development, to bring happiness to people. people.

3. Happy International Day in Vietnam

Happy International Day in Vietnam

Vietnam we are a country with a thousand years of history of national construction, so the goal is no stranger to us, that is happiness. Since our country gained its independence and became the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (now the Socialist Republic of Vietnam), the national principle set by Uncle Ho for the country is, “Independence Freedom, Happiness “.

In order to improve and improve the quality of life for people in Vietnam, the Prime Minister has issued Decision No. 2589 / QD-TTg dated December 26, 2013 approving the Project “Organizing activities on International Day. happy March 20 every year “.

That has great significance in order to continue the realization of the goal of developing social security, building a prosperous, progressive and happy Vietnamese family; raise awareness of the whole society about the International Happy Day, from which to take concrete and practical action to build happy families and happy communities of Vietnamese people; calls for the cooperation and assistance of domestic and foreign organizations and individuals to the country for activities on the occasion of the International Happy Day (March 20).


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