What is Moma Protocol (MOMAT)? Learn more about the MOMAT . coin

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2021-07-02 07:04:23

What is Moma Protocol (MOMAT)?

Moma Protocol is a proprietary solution to meet the growing demand for liquidity, scalability and speculation in the DeFi lending market.

Moma Protocol uses a proprietary Factory smart contract to produce, manage, accelerate, and aggregate lending markets, creating an infinitely scalable ecosystem of lending liquidity and market diversity.

Features of Moma?

  • Factory: Moma provides a Factory smart contract to produce and manage Launch Pool and Lending Pool. As a Pool Builder, users can customize crypto-asset type and other parameters independently, and create their own Launch Pool and Lending Pool that they can fully operate on their own. profit.
  • Launch pool: A customizable Pre-Lending Pool designed for community mining. Community tokens can be distributed to any project through Launch pool.
  • Lending pool: is a customizable loan marketplace group with an over-collateralized loan structure. This group can support lending and borrowing in any market.
  • Synthesizer: is an analytical calculator based on group and market data. It helps users solve their personalized DeFi needs for lending, borrowing and community mining of crypto assets.

During operation, Launch Pool is activated, accelerated and created loan options for Lending Pool. Lending Pool provides a scenario of interest to generate revenue for Launch Pool. Both types of Pools provide use cases for each other and create a closed business cycle creating infinite liquidity on the platform.

Launch pool

MOMAT Tokenomics

Key Metrics Token

  • Name of project: Moma
  • Sign: MOMAT
  • Blockchain: Ethereum.
  • Token Standard: Erc20.
  • Token Type: Utilities.
  • Contract: updating…
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 MOMAT
  • Circulation supply: updating…

Token Allocation

  • Eco-developement Fund: 8% (unlock 5% on TGE, then pay monthly for 48 months).
  • Team: 10% (lock for 12 months, release 10% after 12 months, then pay monthly for 36 months).
  • Advisor: 3% (12 months lock, 10% release after 12 months, then pay monthly for 36 months.
  • Fundraising: 20% Seed Round
    • 5% (15% issue on TGE, then pay monthly for 12 months)
    • Private round: 10% (issue 20% on TGE, then pay monthly for 9 months).
    • Strategy Round: 4% (25% issue on TGE, then pay monthly for 9 months).
    • Public Sale: 1% (100% unlocked on TGE)
  • DAO reserve: 9% (unlocked when DAO votes to decide)
  • Community Incentives: 50% (starts at Mainnet Launch)

Token Sale

IDO price: 208,333 MOMAT for $0.36 (Raised $75,000).

Token Use Case

  • Incentives: MOMAT holders receive the platform’s incentives through trading fees.
  • Perks: MOMAT holders can get the platform’s perks and lending rates through a number of services.
  • Governance: MOMAT holders can vote to cooperate in the development of the platform.

How to earn and own MOMAT Token


MOMAT . coin storage wallet

Because it is an ERC-20 standard token, you can completely store it in a wallet that supports the ERC20 platform such as C98 Wallet, Trust Wallet or Metamask …

Moma Potential Assessment (MOMAT)

Moma Team




Backers MOMAT



Roadmap MOMAT


Moma Protocol is a very good project that meets the speculative needs of users for the lending market.

Moma can support an unlimited number of assets, while other marketplaces only support a limited number of assets.

Moma creates a multi-layered and complex risk management system, including: Token risk rating database, reserve pool, staking management team, while other platforms are mainly based on on a single risk framework.


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