What is neutral pitch?  When to use neutral pitch?

What is neutral pitch? When to use neutral pitch?


2021-07-02 20:03:11

Neutral pitch is a familiar phrase for football fans. But not everyone knows what a neutral yard is, what is a neutral yard used for, and when to use a neutral yard? Please read the article below for answers and more knowledge about the sport of kings.

What is neutral pitch?

In football, a two-legged, first-leg or home-away format is the organization of competition between two teams in two matches or matches, in which at each turn one team plays the role of the team. host.

A neutral ground is a football field that is not owned by or within the territory of either team participating in the match in the first leg format.

The neutral field is often used to replace the home ground of one of the two teams participating in the match.

In which case to use neutral ground sân

There are 2 use cases of neutral ground in football.

Play neutral ground so that the match is not affected by external factors

In the second leg format, if it is the turn of a team to play at home but for some reason the home field cannot be used, the organizers will consider holding the match at a neutral field in accordance with the regulations. intend time.

For example: In the 2019/2020 Laliga season, in the second leg of the super classic match between Barca and Real. The organizers realized that Barcelona’s Camp Nou home ground was not safe to use due to the influence of the Tsunami Democratic protests, so they intended to hold the match at a neutral stadium. Barcelona of course disagree with this.

Kicking the neutral field when the home team violates the law

If a fan of a football team violates the safety of the field in accordance with the regulations, such as throwing flares on the field, lighting flares or engaging in violent acts that affect the game. That team will be fined, not allowed to kick at home.

In 2018, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) issued a decision to fine the Vietnamese team for letting fans light flares during the 2-0 win against Malaysia. In the next match, the Vietnamese team will have to play at a neutral field instead of at home. However, this penalty was later removed and VFF had to pay a fine of $70,000.

How does kicking on a neutral pitch affect the team?

The number of spectators cheering decreased, affecting the team’s competitive spirit.

The team will lose revenue from ticket sales to fans of your team and home team.

The team will lose the advantage of familiarity with the field, the feeling on the field.

The team will have to move further, the time difference … affects the performance of the players, causing the quality of the match to be affected.


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