What is Paradigm? Portfolio overview of the investment fund Paradigm

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2021-12-21 15:23:03

Cryptocurrency mogul Paradigm recently rocked the blockchain and crypto space when it announced a new $2.5 billion venture fund for crypto companies and protocols.

Co-founders Paradigm Matt Huang and Fred Ehrsam while talking about the potential of cryptocurrencies, they also mentioned the development of DeFi architecture and Web3 applications (which is a hot trend lately).

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With a rich portfolio and experienced team, the Paradigm team is continuing to assert itself as it has surpassed the $2.2 billion raised by Andreessen Horowitz in Silicon Valley earlier this year. Let’s learn a little about Paradigm.

What is Paradigm?

Paradigm is a crypto-focused investment firm based in San Francisco. Paradigm invests in crypto assets and businesses from early concept to maturity.

Paradigm Team

Fred Ehrsam (Co-founder, Managing Partner):

  • Fred Ehrsam is a co-founder and managing partner at Paradigm. Previously, Fred co-founded Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency company in the US, and served as President from 2012 to 2017. Fred bought his first Bitcoin in 2011 and is an angel investor. at some of the biggest companies in the space.
  • Before Coinbase, Fred was a forex trader at Goldman Sachs in New York. Fred holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Economics with honors and departmental excellence from Duke University.

Matt Huang (Co-founder, Managing Partner):

  • Matt Huang is co-founder and managing partner at Paradigm. Previously, Matt was a partner at Sequoia Capital, focusing on early stage venture capital investments, including leading the company.
  • Matt is the Founder and CEO of Hotspots, a YCombinator company acquired by Twitter in 2012, and an angel investor in the companies Bytedance and Instacart. He bought his first Bitcoin from MtGox in 2012. Matt has a bachelor’s degree in math from MIT.

Paradigm Portfolio

Projects that already have tokens

  • Compound: is a decentralized protocol or dApp. A marketplace used by investors to lend and borrow digital assets.
  • Cosmos: new architecture for application-specific blockchains.
  • dYdX: Developer of a leading DEX with a mission to build open, secure and powerful financial products.
  • Coinbase: US-based crypto exchange and brokerage.
  • FTX: A Cryptocurrency Exchange Built by Traders, for Traders.
  • Keep Network: A platform that connects public blockchains and private data.
  • MakerDAO: Decentralized credit facility that lends synthetic assets.
  • Synthetix: Ethereum-based defi protocol. Give users access to highly liquid synthetic assets (synths).
  • Uniswap: Decentralized protocol for trading and providing liquidity for any token on Ethereum.
  • Mina: The world’s lightest blockchain network.
  • Gitcoin: The platform that creates a community that supports the new infrastructure for Web3, including tools, technology, and promotes development in the field of open source code.

Projects without or without tokens

  • Argent: The simplest and most secure Ethereum wallet. Make money, exchange and invest. Stake, store and send. Multisig & open source.
  • BlockFi: An app to manage assets, buy, sell and earn crypto. Trusted by over 1 million verified customers. Together with 350 global institutions to manage more than 10 billion USD in assets.
  • Chainalysis: Provides data, software, services, and research to government agencies, exchanges, financial institutions, and insurance and cybersecurity companies in over 60 countries.
  • CoinSwitch Kuber: Collects liquidity from leading crypto exchanges in India and globally to enable users to trade crypto at the best rates.
  • Euler: A capital-efficient permissionless lending protocol that helps users profit from crypto assets or hedge against volatile markets without the need for a trusted 3rd party.
  • Fireblocks: Platform for storing, transferring and issuing digital assets.
  • Fractional: Decentralized protocol, NFT holders can own the encrypted shard for NFT.
  • Yield: Bringing fixed interest loans and loans to decentralized finance on Ethereum.

Paradigm Portfolio Performance

Growth from the beginning of 2021 for some projects that Paradigm has invested in.

portfolio paradigm performance


The projects in Paradigm’s portfolio are all listed on top exchanges like Binance and Coinbase, confirming the company’s vision and the project’s tokens have seen huge growth.

With a mission to be the “earliest and most useful partner” for entrepreneurs and communities in the cryptocurrency industry, Paradigm also promises to continue to “incubate ideas”. In addition to investing in the early stages, the company also added that it will partner with category leaders in the later stages and supporting organizations at every step.

And you, do you invest in any coin/token in Paradigm’s portfolio? Please consider the article information as reference and not investment advice.

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