What is Pylon Protocol? Complete About MINE Token (Latest)

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2021-06-12 11:02:52

What is Pylon Protocol?

Pylon Protocol is a protocol that aggregates many activities in which users can deposit and receive MINE – the token of Pylon Protocol, this money is used to participate in utilities such as long-term service registration, or even participate in IDO projects in the Terra ecosystem.

Highlights of Pylon Protocol

Pylon Protocol currently has the following main products:

  • Pylon Gateway.
  • Pylon Widget.
  • Pylon Dashboard.

Pylon Gateway

Pylon Gateway is the IDO launchpad of projects on Terra. However, the mechanism of Pylon Gateway will not perform IDO like most of the current platforms, that is, register for Whitelist and pray, fortunately you can buy IDO.

The way of Pylon Gateway is that users deposit UST, then farm out tokens of new projects. In this way, both ensure everyone can buy tokens, without fear of Impermanent Loss like some platforms require to buy tokens, Stake to participate, then little profit, platform token price then divide by 3.

Do you know what is the first IDO project on Pylon Protocol? That is the Pylon Protocol itself with the MINE token.

Pylon Widget

This is a tool used to integrate into applications that may or may not be Crypto. Widgets will come with an SDK, giving these services the ability to pay based on profits, savings, and investments right within the app itself. The amount deposited will be sent to Anchor Protocol to receive interest.

Pylon Dashboard

The Pylon Protocol dashboard allows users to easily trade and Stake MINE, vote on community governance proposals, or generate ideas for project development.

The application of Pylon Protocol can actually be used for paying for long-term subscriptions, payments, etc. For example, you subscribe to online newspapers every year for $50, but work is full of heads, life is full of life. hustle, making us read only 2-3 times a year, resulting in a waste of money.

With Pylon Protocol, you only need to deposit 250 UST ($250), the project will send it to Anchor Protocol to receive interest and pay that subscription. With 20% per year, then you only need to deposit $250 to use the service, at the end of the year still withdraw to $250.

Information about MINE Token

Key Metrics MINE

  • Token Name: MINE Token
  • Ticker: MINE
  • Blockchain: Updating…
  • Token Standard: Updating…
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance.
  • Total Supply: Updating…
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…

MINE Token Allocation


MINE Token Sale


MINE Token Release Schedule


MINE Token Use Case

MINE is used to:

  • Administration.
  • Reverse UST.
  • Get tokens of IDO projects.
  • Join services on Pylon Protocol

MINE Token coin rate today


How to earn and own MINE Token

The project will Airdrop MINE to Stake LUNA users.

In addition, to get MINE, you must deposit UST into Pylon Protocol, or buy MINE on the exchange when it is officially listed.

Wallet & exchange of MINE Token

MINE Token storage wallet

Since Pylon Protocol has not issued a token yet, it is unclear what the token standard is. Expected to be on the Ethereum platform, MINE is likely to be supported on CHK Wallet as well.

Exchange MINE Token

Currently, there is no information that MINE is listed on any exchange. Details will be updated later.

Roadmaps & Updates


Project team, investors & partners

Project team



Pylon Protocol is the 5th project sponsored by Terraform Labs – Terra’s foundation.


Anchor Protocol: The amount deposited into Pylon Protocol will be put through the Anchor protocol to receive interest.

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