What is Qredo?  Introducing QRDO cryptocurrency

What is Qredo? Introducing QRDO cryptocurrency


2021-07-30 13:58:46

Qredo is a network that provides decentralized management of digital assets with institutional-grade security.

Qredo project will be open for sale on Coinlist with 2 options on July 8, 2021, 17:00 UTC (July 9, 2021, 00:00 Vietnam time)

Let’s take a look at some important information of the project with CHK to make the right investment decision!

1. What is Qredo?

Qredo is a cross-chain liquidity protocol that supports efficient P2P trading of assets like Bitcoin and Ether. Ownership of cryptocurrencies is non-continental and decentralized through Qredo Blockchain – the platform built on Tendermint.

As a layer 2 network, the Qredo protocol allows:

  • Exchanges, institutional investors, traders trade, swap, protect their assets through a decentralized custody service.
  • Developers create systems that can take advantage of P2P trading functionality and access a common liquidity pool.
  • Partners can customize nodes to meet their specific liquidity requirements.
  • Validators operate their nodes for staking in the Qredo blockchain
Core functions of Qredo

2. The technology that Qredo uses

Qredo built the world’s first decentralized trustless MPC custodial network. This allows Qredo to offer fast, low-cost cross-chain payments and swaps. Qredo is the bridge between the multi-chain universe with combined liquidity across multiple platforms.

Fast Finality Blockchain

Qredo is built on Tendermint, a fast consensus engine, tuned to handle thousands of transactions per second. Additionally, Qredo includes a layer 2 statechain for transferring and recording asset ownership on other layer 1 blockchains as well as within the Qredo network itself.

Consensus Multi-Party Computation (MPC) Network

MPC network (new generation, consensus-based, trustless) connects to layer 1 blockchain with the goal of eliminating theft of digital assets. The network includes programmable governance, a workflow with built-in security for fund trading, and access to DeFi smart contracts.

Encrypted Messaging

Integrated with the Matrix network, a decentralized messaging architecture, Qredo enables private communications to be encrypted and cryptographically linked to transactions on the network. This messaging layer enables unique applications to be built on top of Qredo. Take Trader Chat, for example, an application that allows traders to buy and sell directly on chat software.

3. The services Qredo offers

4. Introducing $QRDO . cryptocurrency

4.1. Basic information

$QRDO is a token that has the role of governance as well as providing utilities for the network. With the criteria of putting users at the center, Qredo has designed an incentive mechanism called “USER-CENTRIC REWARDS” to provide economic support to Qredo network participants, promote users to accept and use Qredo . This mechanism has been reviewed to have incentives tailored to each participant, thereby promoting the effectiveness of the network.

QRDO can be staked with validators or staking yield earned. In addition, for uninvested QRDO will be staked and accumulated profit automatically.

4.2. Token Allocation

Qredo TGE Calendar:

4.3. Information on opening sale of QRDO on Coinlist

QRDO will be open for sale on Coinlist with 2 options

  • Option 1
    • July 8, 2021, 17:00 UTC (July 9, 2021, 00:00 Vietnam time)
    • Price: $0.50 / token, Purchase: min $100 – max $500
  • Option 2
    • July 8, 2021, 23:00 UTC (July 9, 2021, 6:00 Vietnam time)
    • Price: $0.225 / token, purchase: min $100 – max $1000
    • Lockup: 6 months – release weekly for 12 months after lockup

5. Milestones achieved by the project

6. Ecosystem

7. Partners and investors

8. Project construction team

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