What is Qredo (QRDO)?  Detailed information about QRDO Token

What is Qredo (QRDO)? Detailed information about QRDO Token


2021-07-02 05:45:44

On July 8, 2021, the Qredo project will be open for sale on the CoinList platform – one of the most prestigious Launchpads today. Therefore, we invite you to learn about the potential of the Qredo project through the article below.

What is Qredo?

Qredro is a digital asset management platform and connects various Layer 1 blockchains into a Layer 2 blockchain of the Qredo blockchain. With the above solution, Qredo wishes to create a blockchain economy with synchronous liquidity and increase capital efficiency for the community.

Highlights of Qredo (QRDO)

Some of the highlights of Qredo include:

  • Fast Finality Blockchain: Assets will be recorded at Layer 1 and immediately “unlock” liquidity on the Qredo blockchain – which can process thousands of transactions per second.
  • Consensus MPC Network: The MPC network will completely eliminate theft (hacking) through the consensus mechanism.
  • Encrypted Messaging: On Layer 3, Qredo will support the application to transmit information in an absolutely secure way through an encryption mechanism.
  • Client and Partner API: Qredo allows partners to connect to the database via API so they can integrate Qredo in their platform. In addition, they can also be customized with a flexible architecture to serve different needs.

Information about QRDO Token Token

Key Metrics QRDO

  • Token Name: Qredo.
  • Ticker: QRDO.
  • Blockchain: Qredo blockchain.
  • Token Standard: Updating…
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token Type: Utility & Governance.
  • Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 QRDO.
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…

QRDO Token Allocation

The total supply of Qredo tokens will be 2,000,000,000 QRDO and distributed as follows:

  • Investor: 34.3% – 686,000,000 QRDO.
  • Team: 22% – 440,000,000 QRDO.
  • Private & Public sale: 11,216% – 224,320,000 QRDO.
  • Ecosystem: 11% – 220,000,000 QRDO.
  • Qredo Distribution: 10% – 200,000,000 QRDO.
  • Initial Validator: 4% – 75,680,000 QRDO.
  • Treasury / Reserve: 3,784% – 75,680,000 QRDO.
  • Advisors: 3.7% – 74,000,000 QRDO.

QRDO Token Sale

Qredo will have a token sale at CoinList with two options.

Option 1: 24:00 – 7/8/2021 (Vietnam time)

  • Release token time: Lock for 2 months and unlock 100%.
  • Purchase Limit: Min $100 / Max $500.
  • Number of tokens: 30,000,000 QRDO (3% of total supply).
  • Price: $0.5/QRDO.

Option 2: 6:00 – 9/7/2021 (Vietnam time)

  • Release token period: Lock for 6 months and unlock every week for 12 months.
  • Purchase Limit: Min $100 / Max $1,000.
  • Number of tokens: 10,000,000 QRDO (1% of total supply).
  • Price: $0.225/QRDO.

Read more: Guide to buy Token Sale Qredo at CoinList.

QRDO Token Release Schedule

Qredo has a total supply of 2 billion QRDO, however, Qredo only distributes 1 billion QRDO tokens initially, the remaining 1 billion QRDO will be distributed when Qredo v2 launches (no specific time yet) and will be distributed for approximately 50 years from the date of distribution.

The first 1 billion QRDO tokens will be distributed within 119 months. Inside:

  • Team & Investor: Locked within 24 months, gradually unlocked in the next 12 months.
  • Ecosystem: Lock within 48 months, unlock 100% from next month.
  • Initial Validators: Not locked.
  • Public Sale Option 1: Unlock gradually within 2 months.
  • Public Sale Option 2: Lock within 12 months and gradually unlock within 6 months.
  • Private Sale: Locked for 18 months and gradually unlocked within 6 months.
  • Reserve: Lock for 60 months and gradually unlock within 12 months.
  • Qredo Distribution: Unlock time not announced.

QRDO Token Use Case

QRDO token will be applied in the following cases:

  • Pay transaction fees when using Qredo blockchain.
  • Get rewarded with QRDO for holding assets or becoming a Validator on the network.
  • Provide liquidity to Qredo to receive QRDO token rewards.

Exchange rate of QRDO Token


How to earn and own QRDO Token

Currently, QRDO is only open for sale at CoinList and has not been listed on any exchanges. You should be aware of unofficial Qredo sales events.

Roadmaps & Updates

  • Q4/2018: Qredo was founded.
  • Q4/2019: The first dApp MVP is launched.
  • Q1/2020: Patented Apache Milagro subproject.
  • Q2/2020: Launching MPC v1.0 Testnet.
  • Q3/2020: Launched v1.0 Mainnet with BTC support and instant asset transfers.
  • Q4/2020: Supports Ethereum network, allows swap between BTC and ETH.
  • Q2/2021: Launching MVP with Liquidity Hub, Trader Chat and top 13 ERC20 token support

Project team, investors, partners

Project team

Above are the 6 key members of the Qredo project team. They are all senior leaders of famous projects and organizations in the market such as Celsius Network, Deribit, CMS Holding,… You can find out details about each member through their LinkedIn channel. .


Most of the projects launched on CoinList have huge backers and so does Qredo. Qredo has successfully raised capital from 12 investors including Kenetic, Spartan, 1kx, Signum Capital, Borderless Capital SVK,…


Currently, Qredo has been a partner of many large institutions in the market such as Coinbase, Deribit (exchange), Celsius, Nexo (lending platform),… According to information from the project, it may be possible in the near future. they will deploy using Qredo’s technology to apply to their products.

In addition, Qredo has also been tested by a number of partners:

  • Audited: Quanstamp, Trail of Bits, NCC Group.
  • Insured: Lloyds of London, Marsh.
  • Tested: Zokyo.

Similar projects

Currently on the market there are many potential Layer 2 projects that you can learn about. Some prominent projects such as Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum,…

Source: CHK Analytics

Official Website: Qredo


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