What is Qredo (QRDO)?  QRDO Cryptocurrency Details

What is Qredo (QRDO)? QRDO Cryptocurrency Details


2021-07-22 23:12:50

As the Defi decentralized financial market grows, the issue of security is one of the prerequisites and is increasingly being focused on by users.

In today’s article, we will learn about Qredo (QRDO) – a digital asset management platform with the goal of maximum protection of users’ assets.

What is Qredo (QRDO)?

Qredo is a project designed to help users manage their digital assets with high security by connecting layer 1 blockchain networks together and gathering them on the blockchain. layer 2 of Qredo.

Accordingly, the project’s developers want to help and support traders and institutions to have peace of mind when trading their assets in the DeFi decentralized financial market by helping to track and address security risks in centralized private key management of digital assets.

Using a consensus-driven multi-party computing (MPC) network and a decentralized custody solution, Qredo helps users deal with the risks of handling their private keys.

Features of Qredore

Consensus MPC Network is understood as a consensus-oriented multi-party computing network. This MPC network allows to connect layer 1 blockchains together to create a layer 2 blockchain of Qredo with the goal of eliminating property theft.

Thanks to the application of this new network mechanism, Qredo helps to minimize the possibility of hackers attacking users’ accounts.

Qredo uses a tool called Tendermint – a fast finality state machine application that has been thoroughly researched by scientists and applied in today’s blockchain networks.

Accordingly, assets will be recorded at Layer 1 and then transferred to layer 2 for processing at a rate of up to thousands of transactions per second.

Perhaps one of the main culprits that help hackers steal users’ assets is the message lines containing account information. Therefore, the developers of Qredo have implemented message encryption to protect our assets to the maximum.

Specifically, Qredo has integrated Matrix – a decentralized messaging architecture into its project. From there, the message lines sent will be encrypted to help users transmit their information securely.

QRDO Tokenomics

Key Metrics

  • Ticker: QRDO.
  • Blockchain: Ethereum.
  • Token Standard: ERC-20
  • Token type: Unity, governance
  • Contract: 0x0eb28ce5527000de46f129bbf95262ae35b3084e.
  • Total supply: 2,000,000,000 (2 billion QRDO).

Token Allocation

  • Private Sale: 7,216% (144,320,000 QRDO).
  • Public Sale: 4% (80,000,000).
  • Investors (Seed & Ordinary): 34.30% (686,000,000 QRDO).
  • Team: 22% (440,000,000 QRDO).
  • Advisors: 3.7% (74,000,000 QRDO).
  • Qredo Distribution: 10% (200,000,000 QRDO).
  • Initial Validators: 4% (75,680,000 QRDO).
  • Ecosystem: 11% (220,000,000 QRDO).
  • Treasury/Reserve: 3.784% (75,680,000 QRDO).

Token Release Schedule

The amount of QRRO tokens will be distributed for about 50 years and will be divided into 2 phases (phase 1 is now, phase 2 is after Qredo v2 is launched).

1 billion QRDO tokens in phase 1 will be distributed gradually over about 9 years. Specifically:

  • Private Sale: Lock within 18 months and gradually unlock within 6 months.
  • Public Sale Option 1: Unlock 100% after 2 months.
  • Public Sale Option 2: Lock within 12 months and gradually unlock within 6 months.
  • Team & Investor: Lock within 24 months and gradually unlock in the next 12 months.
  • Initial Validators: Not locked.
  • Ecosystem: Lock within 48 months, unlock 100% from the next month.
  • Reserve: Lock within 60 months and gradually unlock within 12 months.

token release schedule- qredo qrdo what is the time

Token Sale

Currently, the project’s QRDO token has been successfully sold on Coinlist with 2 options:

  • Option 1: 24:00 – 08/07/2021 (Vietnam time): Investors who choose this option will be able to buy QRDO for $0.50/QRDO, lock it for 2 months and then unlock 100% (at 24:00 – September 8, 2021).
  • Option 2: 6:00 – July 9, 2021 (Vietnam time): Investors who choose this option will be able to buy QRDO tokens at a lower price (specifically: 0.225&/QRDO). However, it will be locked for 6 months and gradually unlocked in the next 12 months.

qrdo token sale

Token Use Case

QRDO token holders can use them in the following cases:

  • Pay transaction fees: QRDO tokens will be used to pay transaction fees in the Qredo blockchain.
  • Staking: QRDO holders can use this token in staking to receive rewards as well as protect the network.
  • Provide liquidity: QRDO tokens can be used to provide liquidity from which to receive rewards.

Qredo Potential Assessment (QRDO)

Qredo Team

The project’s founding members have many years of experience in developing and building technology applications, including:

  • Anthony Foy (CEO): With more than 20 years working in the technology field, Anthony Foy was the former CEO of Workshare platform, SkyDox.
  • Brian Spector (CTO): Brian used to be the CEO of the Miracle app. Besides, he also worked at Workshare as General Director.
  • Duncan Payne-Shelly (CFO): Duncan used to be a consultant for many projects such as: Riley Studio, The Pack, Oberon Solutions, …


Qredo’s advisory team includes:

  • Anthony St John: He is currently the president of Strand Hanson, FarmaTrust, Integrated Diagnostics. At the same time, Anthony also holds the position of director at Falcon Group.
  • According to Mourouzis: He currently runs a blockchain company called Electi Consulting. Prior to that, he was a blockchain expert at the European Commission.
  • Michael Scott: You have over 33 years of experience in technology while working at Shamus Software. Besides, he also spent 9 years working at Miracle as Chief Cryptographer.

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Right from the first round of fundraising (Seed Round), Qredo has raised more than 11 million dollars from major investors in the cryptocurrency market. Typical must be mentioned: Kenetic, Spartan, LD Capital, …

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roadmap - what is qredo qrdosummary

So in this article, we learned about Qredo. It can be said that being launched on the number one IDO platform in the market, Coinlist, has partly decoded the attraction of this project to the market. Hopefully in the next time the project will grow more and more successful.

Thank you to everyone who has followed this post. Good bye and see you again!

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