What is QuipuSwap (QUIPU)?  Details About QUIPU Token

What is QuipuSwap (QUIPU)? Details About QUIPU Token


2021-09-19 21:52:23

You must have heard a lot about PancakeSwap on Binance Smart Chain and Uniswap on Ethereum. QuipuSwap is also a similar product but is developed on the Tezos system. Today’s article about QuipuSwap and QUIPU token will give you a lot of detailed information including:

  • What is QuipuSwap? What are the highlights of the project’s operating mechanism?
  • Detailed information about tokenomics and how to store, buy and sell QUIPU Token.
  • Development roadmap and team, strategic partners of the project.
  • Some projects are similar to QuipuSwap so that you can evaluate the development potential of this project.

Let’s find out with CHK!

What is QuipuSwap?

QuipuSwap is an automated market-making protocol (AMM), also a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows the trading of tokens on the Tezos platform and XTZ itself – the token of the Tezos Blockchain.

QuipuSwap’s web interface: https://quipuswap.com/

Highlights of QuipuSwap

Not like the AMM On the other hand, QuipuSwap is a completely decentralized protocol governed by LP Holders’ votes, benefiting from the rewards of Block generation and validation.

QuipuSwap’s AMM protocol uses the formula “constant product”:

x * y = k


  • x and y: Reserve balance.
  • k: Variable that remains unchanged throughout the transaction.

This formula forms the basis of how the transaction price is calculated.

Decisive Formula The transaction price will be affected by the transaction fee of about 0.3%. These transaction fees will be distributed to the liquidity holders at a certain rate, depending on their stake in the pool.

⇒ The change in price relative to the outside market will create an incentive for arbitrageurs to trade and rebalance them.

Token Information QuipuSwap (QUIPU)

Key Metrics QUIPU

  • Token Name: QUIPU Token.
  • Ticker: QUIPU.
  • Blockchain: Tezos.
  • Token Standard: FA 2.
  • Contract: KT193D4vozYnhGJQVtw7CoxxqphqUEEwK6Vb
  • Token Type: Governance.
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000 QUIPU.
  • Circulating Supply: 845,070 QUIPU.

QUIPU Token Allocation

  • Community Incentives: 71%
  • Team Funds: 13.5%
  • Future Partnerships: 10%
  • Grant/Develop program: 5%
  • Public Testing: 0.5%
Token distribution table of QUIPU

QUIPU’s token allocation model is said to be a very special model, because if tokens are minted for one of the 5 allocated groups mentioned above, the remaining 4 groups will also receive a proportional amount of tokens. as above.

Eg: If 10 QUIPUs are minted for the Future Partnerships fund, then:

  • 5 QUIPU was minted for the Grant/Dev Program fund.
  • 71 QUIPU was minted for Community Incentives fund.
  • And follow the ratio above to calculate the amount of QUIPU mint for other funds.

The process of minting QUIPU tokens will begin with issuing airdrop. After that, to get QUIPU tokens will need to go through the program Liquidity Mining for the QUIPU holders. During the mining process, new tokens will be distributed proportionally to all funds.

QUIPU Token Sale


QUIPU Token Release Schedule

The QuipuSwap project has no official release schedule, but will be minted at a certain rate as described above and depends on each stage of the project’s product development, as well as the participation in voting for the management mechanism. value of the QUIPU holders.

Regarding the total supply, QuipuSwap’s initial plan of 10,000,000 QUIPU will be fully allocated within 4 years.

However, through the governance mechanism, QUIPU holders will be able to change this allocation period.

QUIPU Token Use Case

QUIPU tokens will be used to:

  • Governance: QUIPU holders will have the right to vote for their favorite representatives to delegate their liquidity pools. Tezos (XTZ).
  • Means of payment for additional services later of QuipuSwap.
  • Staking: Existing users can staking QUIPU on the project’s liquidity pool and receive commissions from transactions, as well as rewards from block creation and confirmation.

How to earn and own QUIPU Token

Existing users can own QUIPU by purchasing tokens through the QuipuSwap exchange and the only currency pair with XTZ.

Store Wallet & Exchange QUIPU Token

QUIPU storage wallet


Exchange QUIPU

Currently, you can only trade QUIPU tokens on QuipuSwap.

Roadmaps & Updates



Updates – updates about the project

Q1/2021: Launch of QuipuSwap.


  • August 26, 2021, the first QUIPU governance token airdrop is launched.
  • The 2nd airdrop for 23.14% of the QuipuSwap users did not receive enough rewards in the 1st airdrop.

Project team, investors & partners

Project team






Similar projects

Uniswap (UNI): One of the first AMM DEX in DeFi, allowing users without registering an account like Binance, Okex,… but can connect their wallet to the swap right away.


QuipuSwap is a new project developed on the Tezos ecosystem, is a blockchain that has been built for a long time, but until now, AMM DEX has just been launched and the product is only in a trial version with limitations, This may cause concern for many holders even though QUIPU’s token allocation model is very fair to holders.

In my opinion, QuipuSwap is still far behind competitors in the same segment in other blockchain platforms like Uniswap.

Above is the latest information about QuipuSwap and the project’s token. How do you rate QUIPU? Please comment below to discuss with CHK!

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