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2021-12-24 15:38:08

What is Sipher?

Sipher is a MOBA role-playing Ethereum blockchain game project, the characters will explore the land in Sipheria – World of Blocks together to receive valuable prizes.

With the goal of creating the most exciting Metaverse world gamers have ever seen. NFTs built to Ethereum’s ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards include the first 10,000 character collection (specifically Sipherian Surge) and thousands more.

Sipher’s Highlights

The world

Sipheria is a virtual world, made up of a large number of interconnected worlds called Blocks. In these blocks are cities full of activities and places for players to explore:

  • Health Bay – Locations where Siphers can heal after battles.
  • Distillery – Converts organically sourced materials found on the map into Consumables to use in battles.
  • Workbench – Converts metal materials found on the map into Consumables to use in battles.
  • Droid Station – Heal the Droids after the battle, perform automatic upgrades on the Droids, and send the Droids to search and explore.
  • Troop Bunker – Allocate Siphers to teams and automatically send them out to search and explore.
  • Living Neighborhood – A space for Siphers and their friends to hang out, relax, and claim valuable items, trophies, and artwork Siphers collect.



Every playable character in Sipheria is an NFT, the player has full ownership of his characters and can buy/sell/trade them with other players in the market.

The characters all have random traits that make them completely unique from each other. Each NFT character belongs to a certain species, has a sub-race, wears a specific armor, and wields a specific weapon.



Along with the combat role-playing gameplay, commerce will be the focus of Sipheria. Players will play a variety of roles in contributing to the in-game economy.

Various professions will be planned for the non-combat mechanic, where players can become architects, modelers of in-game buildings, materials and equipment, and trade. them on the marketplace.


Players will take the role of a shiper and face tough challenges, meet incredibly different races and characters, and make new friends as you venture to explore new worlds.

In-game mode

  • PvP: Players can play solo directly against each other and earn rewards.
  • PvP Ranking: When players join the game, their rank in the leaderboard will increase when they win.
  • PvE: Fighting against machines.

In-game rewards

AHER is a reward token during gameplay. Use AHER to craft, merge, and own rare SIPHER pets and items:

  • Equipment
  • Character level up
  • Unlock skills
  • Craft new Buildings per Block on Player-owned Land‌

SIPHER Tokenomics

Key Metrics

  • Ticker: SIPHER.
  • Blockchain: Ethereum.
  • Standard Tokens: ERC20.
  • Contract: 0x9F52c8ecbEe10e00D9faaAc5Ee9Ba0fF6550F511
  • Token type: Governance, Utility.
  • Total Supply: 1.000,000,000 SIPHER.
  • Init Circulating Supply: Updating…
  • Initial market cap: Updating…

Token Allocation

  • Reserve: 14%.
  • Team & Advisor: 25%.
  • Listing & liquidity rewards: 10%.
  • Game incentives & marketing: 30.4%.
  • Promotion & partnerships: 0.3%.
  • Strategic sales: 5%.
  • Seed round: 11.3%
  • Public sale: 4%.


Token Release Schedule


Token Use Case

  • Utility: SIPHER is used as a fee for in-game activities: creating new characters, transaction fees on the marketplace, etc.
  • Staking: Staking SIPHER in Sipher Vault to receive rewards as well as participate in voting on important issues in the game.

Token Sale

SIPHER will be on public sale from December 6 to December 9 through IBCO. You can refer here to participate link.

SIPHER token On which exchange is it traded?

SIPHER is not currently listed on exchanges.

How to earn and own SIPHER Token


SIPHER coin storage wallet

Can be stored on Metamask or Coin98 Wallet.

Enter Coin98 Wallet Referral ID as “C98NBDN89Q” to support BTA.


The project has a team consisting of more than 75 members from many different countries. The founding team includes:

  • Tin Nguyen – Founder: Was nominated in the Forbes VN U30 list for achieving many good achievements in the business field.
  • Loi Luu – Co-Founder, Advisor: CEO & Co-Founder of Kyber Network.
  • Victor Tran – Co-Founder. Advisor: Co-founder and CTO of Kyber Network. Victor Tran has been involved in blockchain for quite some time since 2016.


Investor & Partner

Sipher raised $6.8M from a seed sale due to Arrington Capital, Hashed and Konvoy Ventures There are also other investment funds including Defiance Capital, Signum Capital, etc.

The project also has angel investors: Holly Liu (Kabam), Kun Gao (Crunchy Roll) and Alex Svanevik (Nanesen.ai).




Community & Social


Sipher is an NFT game built by a Vietnamese team with a thorough investment from the plot, gameplay to extremely impressive graphics. In addition, the team is people with deep experience in blockchain and business, invested by many famous investment funds such as Alameda Research, Arrington Capital, Hashed, Coin98 Vertures….

However, all of the above highlights are based on the whitepaper only as the project does not have an actual product yet. You need to monitor the project to make sound investment decisions.

Above is the article sharing What is Sipher? All knowledge is for reference only and is not investment advice, any decision to buy, sell or participate in investment, readers must decide for themselves. Thanks!

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