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2021-12-25 15:41:04

Continuing the NFT, GameFi game series in 2021 – 2022. Today, let’s find out the play-to-earn game Summoners Arena (SAE), see how this project is different from other blockchain games available on the market. school.

*Note: The article is for reference only and should not be considered as an investment recommendation*

What is Summoners Arena (SAE)?

Summoners Arena is a mythical series of role-playing games (RPG) but in the form of “Idle” – a game based on blockchain and NFT built on Binance SmartChain.

I will explain a bit for those of you who do not understand what the game in the form of Idle is.

Games in the form of Idle are games that do not require the player to manipulate much, these games often have a motif of choosing heroes, upgrading items and participating in automatic matches, players only observe the match, not the game. do not take actions, or instructions while the game is in progress.

And Summoners Arena is a game with such gameplay.

Coming to Summoners Arena, you will participate in matches with other players, fight and collect items. And with the application of the P2E model (play-to-earn) so Summoners Arena allows you to earn more income from the game.

summoners arena


Summoners Arena’s play-to-earn system is meticulously calculated and designed to ensure that players of all levels have a chance to earn money. Moreover, the P2E mechanics in the game are carefully adjusted to prevent inflation.

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Overview and game features

Although there are many different game modes, the game play is not complicated, anyone can easily get used to it.

In the game there are many classes and each class will correspond to each hero, with heroes will have their own skills.

The system of characters and items in the game is designed quite diversely, with each character, item, having its own advantages and disadvantages.

Summoners Arena character system

Game Features

  • Summon: Heroes can only be circulated through Summons, each Summon costs $ASG and returns a Hero NFT.
  • Hero: In Summoners Arena, Heroes are characters represented as NFTs and players can trade their Hero with others. The stronger the Hero, the more chances of getting rare items.
  • Land: Land are limited NFTs, anyone can own their own land. Lands with Dungeons and guilds can pay landowners in $ASG to rent these Dungeons.
    • Rare items and other resources can be obtained by exploring Dungeons.

the land in Summoners Arena

  • Guilds: The Guild system in Summoners Arena has many different positions. Clan leaders will be tasked with recruiting new members and leading the guild into battles.
    • Each clan member will have their own perks, and clan members will also receive rare items from the clan.
  • Items: Items are equipment in the game, such as shirts, latex, armor, weapons… these items will help improve Hero’s strength.
    • Three identical items can be merged to upgrade into a rarer item.

game items

Game mode

In the game there are 4 game modes: Campaign, Arena, Guild Raid and Guild War.


In Summoners Arena, there will be a separate area for players to exchange, buy and sell, in-game items.

Tokens in the game

In the game there will be 2 main tokens: “SAE and ASG”.

token summoners

  • $SAE: SAE owners will have the right to administer, vote on in-game decisions, as well as use SAE to convert into profits.
    • For SAE, players can also staking to earn more profits.
    • Guild fees, land fees…will be paid in SAE.
  • $ASG: ASG holders can find offers through participating in in-game activities.
    • As for ASG, players can use it to create new NFTs, or can sell ASG on the in-game Marketplace.
    • ASG can be used to increase the strength of the squad.
    • Use ASG to upgrade Hero
    • When merging items will require ASG
    • And other features…



Name: Summoners Arena Essence

Code: SAE

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Token Standard: BEP-20

Contract: Update…

Total supply: 500,000,000 VND

Initial Circulation Supply: Update…



Where to buy and sell SAE tokens?


Project team

Summoners Arena is strongly supported by a team with high expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain development. Many of the team members are developers with years of experience working in the traditional gaming industry.

Partners and investors

summoners partner

Development roadmap

  • Quarter 3 – 2021:
    • Setting up Economy Mapping
    • Deploying Blockchain for Games
  • Quarter 4 – 2021:
    • Smart Contract Audit
    • Selling Hero NFT
    • Launch Marketplace
    • Beta Test Release
  • Quarter 1 – 2022:
    • Launch the official version
    • Launch of PvE and PvP system
    • Open sale of NFT items
  • Quarter 2 – 2022:
    • Launch of the quest and item system
  • Quarter 3 – 2022:
    • Open for sale NFT Guild
    • Launch of the guild system
  • Quarter 4 – 2022:
    • Open for sale Land NFT
    • Deploying Land Gameplay
    • Launching DAO Platform

summoners development roadmap


The game is still in the early stages of development, so it cannot be evaluated yet. However, with a solid foundation and an experienced team, Summoners Arena is a promising game and not to be missed for not only crypto gamers but also traditional gamers.

Let’s follow along to see where this project will go in the blockchain gaming universe. If I have any new information about this project, I will send it to you guys later.

In addition, if you have any questions you want answered, please contact me via Fan page of BTA Please. Thank you guys for reading the article.

More information about Summoners Arena:

Note: The article is for reference only, not considered as an investment recommendation

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