What is the Brave browser?  Better than Chrome?  Surfing the web also has money!

What is the Brave browser? Better than Chrome? Surfing the web also has money!


2021-03-23 21:22:13

Everyone is also familiar with Web browsers such as Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, …

Usually when using these browsers, advertisements often appear. You often tend to use ad blocking software, right?

The reason we keep the fox is because it is very troublesome. But now people just surf the web to get money on Brave Browser. Having money is all troublesome, right?

What is the Brave browser?

Brave is a web browser for Brave Software, Inc. and is based on Chromium. It has many outstanding features with more than 12 million users.

Some of the features such as:

  • Blocking ads
  • Surf the web safely
  • Less data consumption and extremely fast speed
  • In particular, users can also get BAT rewards just by surfing the web.

BAT is a cryptocurrency, the full name Basic Attention Token. This is also people’s motivation to see the ad.

Review Brave Browser

Browser interface

Brave browser interface is quite nice and fine. There is support for Dark mode for anyone who loves it. People can also customize a few things and install themes according to their preferences in the settings.

Brave browser interface

Web browsing speed

According to my personal experience, the browser speed of Brave browser is better than that of competitors like Chrome or FireFox.

You can download and use the patch to evaluate it. Below is a video comparing the page loading speed you can refer to.

My personal rating

After experiencing about 3-4 months. Everything is fine can be used instead of Chrome. The advantage is that it blocks most of the ads from appearing.

But the advantage is also its disadvantage. Because Brave Browser blocks ads, some pages will lose some annoying content. You must turn off ad blocking before it will reappear. Also everything is ok.


In addition to the submission features such as ad blankets, block tracking data. You can also sync with data on many different devices. Using Crypto Wallet directly on your browser is very convenient.

Crypto wallet on Brave Browser

How to make money by surfing the web

Each time the ad pops up you will receive a certain BAT. Depending on the number of ads running in your country and how often you use it, you will get a different amount.

Step 1: Download app Brave Browser

First you have to download the brave browser. To download, you click on the download icon below

Brave logoDownload

You just need to turn on Brave Rewards and surf. You just need to surf the web like Facebook, Youtube, …

Step 2: Activate Brave Rewards

Turn on Brave Rewards on the Desktop

There are three ways to enter entries Brave Rewards:

  • Brothers can also enter brave: // rewards in the address bar of the Brave browser.
  • Click Main menu icon in Brave Browser in the right corner of the screen. Next you choose Brave Rewards.
  • ChooseBAT icoin at the end of the address bar. Next you choose Rewards Settings.

Reward management

Section Rewards Settings you can manage the amount of daily ADS view. Automatic contribution can be turned on or off (Auto-Contribute) for your favorite pages.

Turn off viewing ads (Ads) to make money

If you do not have the need to watch ads to make money, you can turn off this section. This Ads. If any of you want to earn BAT by watching ads, just turn on. You can adjust the number of ads daily by clicking ads settings at the Ads section. If you choose to watch 5 ads per hour, choose “5 ads per hour“.

Turn on Brave rewards

Turn off automatic reward contribution

To support your favorite sites you can turn this feature on to support them. It depends on how often you visit.

Brave will divide the% contribution per page according to the number of visits you visit. But you can also choose to only contribute to a page you love.

For example: You only contribute to CHK.com, you just click delete other pages and leave each page of BTA. Attention will now be 100%.

You can also edit settings now ads setting

Turn off automatic reward contribution

Turn on Brave Rewards on the phone

There are also three ways for Android devices

  • ClickBAT icon in the address bar in the Brave app. Next, you click Settings.
  • Cickmore icon at the bottom of the screen then select Brave Rewards.
  • Can fill brave: // rewards on the address bar.

The settings and functions are similar to the Desktop, everyone can pull up and review.

Make money by becoming a Creator

You are producing content on platforms such as Youtube, Twitch, WordPress, … You can register to become a Creator so readers, fans can contribute, send tips to you.

How to become a Creator on Brave

Step 1

You access the link https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org. Enter your email to create your Creator account.

Sign up to become a Creator

Step 2

Check your email to confirm your account registration. If you don’t receive the email, then everyone will check the spam folder or try again.

Check the Brave rewards account registration email

Step 3

Put your first and last name in the box “Your Name“. Next you check the box By checking…. then press the button Sign Up is done.

Enter your full name to register

Next you can press the button Skip for now to skip the step or press Set Up 2FA for 2-step security setup.

Protect your Brave Rewards account

Step 4

Click the Add Channel button to add your channels

Press the add channel button to add the channel

Step 5

Select the channels you currently own. Currently you can authenticate all types of channels such as Website, Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo, Reddit, Github.

Select the channels you currently own

Step 6

Follow the instructions to confirm the channel. Below are some videos to guide you through verifying your channel.

Website using WordPress

First you have to download Brave Payments Verification plugin to install the activation on WordPress.

Authenticate channel

At the wp-admin interface, go to the section Settings -> Brave Payments Verification Then paste the provided code and press Save changes. You return to the page when bouncing press the Verify button is finished.

Enter the verification code

Website does not use WordPress

If your website is not using WordPress then you can check out the video below

YouTutbe channel

For Youtube channel, you choose to just log in to your Youtube account. For details, you can refer to the following video.

In addition, there are many channels but I can’t do everything for everyone. Everyone can follow the instructions.

Make money through referral link when becoming Creator

In the publisher interface you choose Creator Refferal Promo -> Active promo. Then you copy that link and share it with your friends. You get up to 7.5 $ -1 $ for each download and use within those 30 days.

For users from Vietnam, only $ 1 per ref.

create referral promo

How to withdraw money from Brave browser?

In order to withdraw money, you must contact Uphold. Here are the steps for you to create an uphold account

Create an account Uphold

Since Brave wallet uses Uphold’s service, you need to create an account to withdraw BAT tokens. To create an account, follow these steps

Step 1

First people choose an iconBAT icon done, select Verify Wallet.

Verify Brave Wallet

Next, everyone fill in the form information and click the Next button.

  • Email address: Your email address
  • Password: password
  • Country where you live: The country you live in
  • Sate or Provide: State or province / city

Everyone remember to check the box!

Create an uphold account

Step 2

Fill in your personal information and check the box “I certify….”Then click Next.

Fill in personal information

Step 3

People go to their email and check their mail to verify their uphold accounts

Verify uphold account email

Next, you press the button Tap to verify to authenticate your account

Click the tap to verify button to verify the email

Step 4

People continue to fill in the following information:

  • Home Address: your home address
  • City: City
  • Zip / Postal Code: postal code where you live

Then press the button next is done.

Watch now: What is a zip code?

Verify identity uphold

Step 5

You scan the QR code to proceed with the account verification process.

Scan QR Code to capture verification documents

Find a place where you are fully lit and press the button “Start session“To proceed with document verification.

You follow the instructions such as choosing your country, type of verification document (identity card, passport, …).

If you choose your ID card for verification, you need to take a photo of the front, back and a selfie with you.

Begin the document verification process

Connect Brave Publisher and Uphold Wallet

The amount of BAT token tip or share will be added directly to Uphold wallet on the 8th of each month. If you are not connected, you will not be able to withdraw!

At the Brave publisher interface, click Connect to Uphold to make the connection.

Connect brave publisher with uphold wallet

Click the Authorize Application button to connect the wallet

Click the Authorize Application button to connect the wallet

Select the coin you want the money to be in your wallet. If you choose other than BAT coin, the exchange will charge you a deposit fee.

Select the coin you want the money to be in your wallet

How to sell Basic Attention Token to VND?

You can sell at cryptocurrency exchanges where you can sell VND like: Vicuta. Details you can see below

Watch now: Vicuta floor what?


Hope the article is about “Brave browser“Gives many brethren some useful information.

If you have any questions, please comment below, CHK will answer your questions as soon as possible!

Wished everyone success!

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