What is the date of Than Tai Tai 2021?  History and significance of Than Tai day

What is the date of Than Tai Tai 2021? History and significance of Than Tai day

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2021-05-06 05:17:33

According to folklore, the 10th of January, the first of the year, is the day of Than Tai, a special day for many people in the business world. So, what is the day of God of Wealth, what day does the day of God of Fortune 2021 take place, the origin of the day of Than Tai? Please refer to the article below to better understand this date.

What is the date of Than Tai?

The ancients said that the god of Tai is a god that helps bring more luck to the homeowner. Therefore, from the past, the god of Tai has become familiar to everyone, especially those doing business.

Than Tai day is the 10th day of the first lunar month every year, the day Than Tai flies to the sky. Therefore, on this day, many people often buy gifts to God Tai. In addition, many people choose to buy gold on the day of Than Tai to pray for luck and advantages in doing business in the new year.

The day of Than Tai 2021 falls on February 21, 2021, the Sunday of the solar calendar.

Origin of God of Fortune

The story is that only in heaven can God of Wealth, a God who governs money and fortune, but the world does not have this god. During a drunken incident, Than Tai fell to the earth, his head hit the rock and lay in a passion, ignoring it. People on earth see a person dressed like a Cai Luong, thinking that he is crazy, so he stripped off all the clothes and hats of Than Tai to sell. When he woke up, Than Tai had no clothes on his body and could not remember who he was due to his head being hit with the rock.

Than Tai wanders around begging everywhere. There is a shop in the other restaurant that sells chickens, ducks, and pigs in a dutiful roast. When we see Than Tai begging, he invites compassion to come and eat. Strangely, since Than Tai came to eat, the customers came to the store in abundance. The shopkeeper found that very happy, so he invited Than Tai to eat every day.

Since then, other shops around, a lot of customers before, suddenly all moved to this side to eat. For a while, the shopkeeper saw Than Tai all day eating and drinking delicious food, not bathing, washing, smelly people, eating it with his hands. Because of the regret and fear that Than Tai would make the customers afraid to come to eat, the shopkeeper chased Than Tai away.

The shop opposite the old days was very crowded now, but seeing that, immediately invited Than Tai to eat, strangely everyone came to eat a lot. Everyone saw that, so everyone won the invitation to let Than Tai come to their restaurant to eat for customers to come crowded, so there was the saying “Than Tai knocked on the door”.

The people of that area saw that Than Tai had no clothes to wear, so they took Than Tai to buy clothes, everyone took Than Tai to the store where his clothes were sold, after wearing clothes and hats, Than Tai remembered everything. talk and fly to heaven.

People considered Than Tai as a treasure and set up an altar, worshiping from there, the incarnation of Than Tai was a beggar begging ragged clothes. The day Than Tai flew back to heaven was the 10th day of the first lunar month.

The meaning of Than Tai day

On this day, everyone tells each other that you should buy some gold on this day to have a lot of luck and money throughout the year. Not only buying gold is also a cultural feature and folk beliefs of the Vietnamese people. This is also a form of saving to avoid wastefulness after Tet holiday of Vietnamese people that we should maintain to have food and money to save, thereby promoting the spirit of enthusiastic labor and production of each person.

In addition to buying gold, Vietnamese families hold a ceremony to welcome Than Tai from heaven to earth on the 10th of the first lunar month.

On this day of worshiping God, everyone prepared: 1 vase, 1 shrimp, 1 grilled snakehead fish, 1 crab, 1 piece of roast pork, 1 set of votive coins, 1 fruit plate, wine. To be able to commemorate Than Tai, I hope that he will bless the host family with a lot of luck, Phat Tai, Phat Loc all year.


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