What is the golden duck on Facebook?

What is the golden duck on Facebook?

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2021-08-19 01:51:28

Recently, many Facebook accounts have competed to change Avatar into a golden duck image with 3 clumps of hair on its head, which is extremely cute but also very stupid. So, do you know what the golden duck avatar trend is, why do many people change their Facebook avatar to a golden duck? Read the article below to get the answer.

Trend change avatar What is the stupid yellow duck?

The trend of changing avatars into stupid golden ducks comes from a group of young people. When a person sets their profile picture as a stupid golden duck, they will bring a level 1 puzzle book to challenge everyone. If the person being challenged solves the puzzle within 3 minutes and gets it right, it’s okay. But if the answer is wrong, you will have to change your avatar to a stupid golden duck and enter the challenger’s avatar to name you as the loser.

Content Questions.
Content Questions.

Just like that, more and more people joined this challenge creating a strong virality on Facebook.

Who is the stupid golden duck?

The stupid yellow duck named Psyduck, a Duck in Pokémon created by designer Ken Sugimori. Psyduck first appeared in the game in Pokémon Red and Blue. As a duck, Psyduck can’t swim.

In Japanese it is called Koduck, and in Vietnam, this duck is called by many people called Cota Duck (Kouta).

This golden duck is characterized by an empty mind, thinking very little. It’s always in the form of holding its head because it often has a headache. If anyone talks a lot, complains or hears sounds it also gives him a headache.


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