What is the Guild of Guardians (GOG)? GOG Token Details

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2021-10-31 08:59:13

You may not know, $100 billion/year is the money that gamers have to spend on in-game items, but they don’t actually own them. Therefore, GOG wants to play the role of helping gamers turn their gaming passions into NFTs that they have full ownership of.

Today, my team and I will learn the details of this Guild of Guardians project with you, including the following factors:

  • What is the Guild of Guardians? What makes this project stand out?
  • What is unique about the game experience?
  • How can GOG Tokens be earned?
  • How to store and trade GOG Tokens?

Let’s find out together.

What is the Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is a blockchain multi-player mobile RPG, built by Stepico Game company and published on Immutable. This is where gamers will build their own army of Guardians and complete missions to receive great rewards. Players will also have full ownership of in-game items from their own playing experiences.

Guild of Guardians website: https://www.guildofguardians.com/

Guild of Guardians (GOG) Highlights

Guild of Guardians will have the following highlights, notably:

Experience an engaging role-playing game: GOG is a combination of strategic action role-playing game and equipped with an in-game trading economy, making it easy for players to buy and sell. In addition, the game rules are very focused on serving the community and are expected to retain players for many years.

Play-and-Earn: Game mechanics and earning money are very popular and have proven to be very attractive to gamers. Guild of Guardians is designed to be sustainable and allows you to play for free while still earning items in the form of NFT and native token – GOG.

Token-powered Economy: GOG Token serves as the driving force for the game’s miniature economy. From earning GOG by completing quests to minting new NFTs. Fees from these activities will be shared among active staking people. This common model underpins the development of the game because all participants benefit.

Community Driven Incentives: Built around the philosophy of “community creates value for games”. Therefore, the project will reward the community for the value they bring. At the same time, promote developer improve the product and bring the best experience to the players. From there, the circle of positive values ​​will be rotated in the game.

Highly Accessible On Mobile: The game will be available on iOS and Android, easily reaching a large number of players because these two platforms are used by current electronic products. Core technology will be developed on Immutable X, bringing a fast and free experience to players.

Token Guild of Guardians (GOG) Information

GOG is the official token of the Guild of Guardians project, or “gems” in the game.

Key Metrics GOG

Basic information about the Guild of Guardians:

  • Token Name: GOG Token (or “gems“).
  • Ticker: GOG.
  • Blockchain: Ethereum.
  • Token Standard: ERC-20.
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token Type: Utility.
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 GOG.
  • Circulating Supply: GOG

GOG Token Allocation

A total of 1,000,000,000 GOG will be distributed proportionally as follows:

  • PLayer Rewards: 35% – 350,000,000 GOG.
  • Community Rewards: 28%- 280,000,000 GOG.
  • Developers: 20% – 200,000,000 GOG.
  • Token Sale: 11% – 110,000,000 GOG. Including: Public Sale (6%) + Private Sale (5%).
  • Guardians Guild Limited: 6% – 60,000,000 GOG.
GOG Token Allocation Table.

GOG Token Sale

On November 10, 2021, from 18:00 – 23:59 UTC, there will be a Public Sale round on Coinlist of the Guild of Guardians project.

The details of the opening round are as follows:

  • Token Name: GOG tokens.
  • Ticker: GOG.
  • Token Prices:
    • Option 1: $0.1/GOG.
    • Option 2: $0.075/GOG.
Token Sale opening price on CoinList according to 2 options.
  • Maximum purchase limit/person: Min: $100; Max: 500$ (apply for 2 options).
  • Participation time:
    • Option 1: 18:00 UTC.
    • Option 2: 23:59 UTC.
  • Coinlist Sale Allocation: 60,000,000 GOG (6% total supply), of which:
    • Option 1: 40,000,000 GOG.
    • Option 2: 20,000,000.
  • Participation method: USDC, USDC, ETH, BTC.
  • Vesting time:
    • Option 1: 50% will be allocated after 40 days (about 21/12/2021), the remaining 50% will be released after 12 cliff months.
    • Option 2: 100% of tokens will be released after 12 months cliff.

For more details on how and when to register, please refer to here.

GOG Token Release Schedule

GOG Token will be paid according to the following schedule:

  • Player Rewards (35%): Unlock after 48 months since the game started to launch, is expected to fall around 2022.
  • Community Rewards (28%): 220,000,000 GOG will be unlocked after 1 day and 60,000,000 GOG will be distributed according to the roadmap.
  • Developers (20%): Unlock after 48 months, 12 months cliff.
  • Public Sale (6%): Token payment schedule as mentioned above.
  • Private Sale (5%): Unlock after 30 months, 12 months cliff.
  • Guardians Guild Limited (6%): Unlock after 48 months, 12 months cliff.
GOG Token vesting schedule.

GOG’s token payment schedule provides a safe haven for investors. When the token unlocking schedule is designed by them, it is highly sustainable. The release time for the parties is allocated with a long enough commitment period and gives a big boost to developers and gamers alike.

GOG Token Use Case

GOG Tokens will have the following utilities:

  • Governance & Voting: Holding GOG Tokens will have the right to participate in governance and vote for the project.
  • Mining gaming NFTs: GOD Tokens will be used to mint NFTs in the game.
  • Fees For Buying primary sales (Heroes,..) + For secondary sales: Approximately 20% of the price of items sold directly from the project (Primary Sale) will need to be purchased with GOG Tokens. In addition, for secondary sales, that is, exchanging between players will need to pay a 20% fee in GOG Token.
  • Active Staking rewards: The costs collected from the primary and secondary marketplaces will be collected and divided among the GOG token takers.
This is the Tokenomics model of the Guild of Guardians.

How to earn and own GOG Token

To own GOG token, you can:

  • Buy GOG on CHK Exchange (select Uniswap).
  • Play games, complete quests, fight monsters to get more GOG.
  • Active Staking will help you receive more GOG from fees collected at primary and secondary sales.

GOG Token exchange & storage wallet

GOG . storage wallet

Because GOG belongs to Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. Should be stored on CHK wallet Future. My team and I will update you as soon as information is available.

Exchange GOG

In the future, you will be able to trade GOG right on CHK Exchange (select Uniswap). My team and I will update you as soon as information is available.

Roadmaps & Updates

The achievements Guild of Guardians has achieved so far, you can refer to in the image below.

Project achievements.

Project team, investors & partners

Project team

The project construction team has more than 20 full-time professionals with different backgrounds: designers, blockchain programmers, artists, etc.. The core team consists of 4 members, specifically as follows:

  • Derek Lau – Game Director: Over 8 years of experience working at start-ups, making products and he has been deeply involved in the NFT field since 2017.
  • Aaron Murray – Creative Director: Over 15 years of experience in creative and art direction for famous games like EA, Ubisoft.
  • Josiah Wallace – Lead Game Designer: Over 6 years of experience in game design. He is a former designer for the popular Temple Run game on the Apple Store with more than 1 billion downloads.
  • Ivan ERTLOV – Senior Producer: Over 20 years of experience in bringing up to 120 titles to platforms of all genres. Before that, he was also a producer of Hollywood movie titles such as Hitman, Fast and Furios. He also worked at Ubisoft – a company specializing in video games with annual revenue of up to 1.59 billion euros.
Guild of Guardians project team.

Overall, the Guild of Guardians team is all experienced and knowledgeable in the fields of NFT, blockchain and traditional games. The contribution and competence has been demonstrated through the famous game titles, the game company as well as the production of admirable videos.


The project received investment from 19 funds and the most typical is Coinbase Ventures – a large investment fund in the market.

Investor in the Guild of Guardians.


The project’s partners include well-known names like Ubisoft (I mentioned above) and Immutable X – a 2nd-tier solution to help trade NFTs on Ethereum with many advantages in fees and transaction speed, scalability. .

In addition, Immutable X is also an effective launchpad for famous game projects such as Gods Unchained.

Guild of Guardians Partners

Similar projects



Above is all information about the Guild of Guardians for you to have more knowledge when learning about the project and making your own judgments. Hope this article will help you readers get more value.

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