What is the Guild of Guardians? Introducing $GOG . cryptocurrency

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2021-11-11 02:40:15

Guild of Guardians is the second gameFi project open for sale on Coinlist. This is a project built on Immutable X – an L2 scaling solution for Ethereum. GOG will be offered for sale in two options starting from 11/10/2021, 18:00 UTC (11/11/2021, 1:00 VN time).

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1. What is the Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is a multiplayer role-playing game where gamers build their own squad of guards and compete with others in the guild for epic rewards.

Bringing a passion for gaming into NFTs

Guild of Guardians vision is to build the world’s most popular role-playing game, where millions of players can turn their fascination with in-game items into real assets in the form of impossible tokens. alternative (NFT).

Guild of Guardians vision is to build the world’s most popular role-playing game, where millions of players can turn their fascination with in-game items into real assets in the form of impossible tokens. alternative (NFT).

The Guild of Guardians is on a journey to break the traditional rules of the gaming industry and build the future of play-to-earn games: a world where gamers can play the game. they love, and earn and trade as part of a large, open-world economy.

2. Project highlights

Gameplay attractive, interesting

GoG will be a fascinating and exciting game. The combination of RPG genres, impeccable strategy, vibrant economy, community-focused gameplay will create excitement and retain players for years.

The economy is run by tokens

The GOG token is the engine that powers the Guild of Guardian economy – players earn GOG by playing games and spending GOG to mint new NFT items like characters and items. A portion of the game’s revenue will be redistributed to token holders through staking.

Community encouragement

GoG values ​​and appreciates the values ​​that the community brings to the game. As a result, the project will feature community rewards for contributing to the growth of the overall ecosystem and empowering creators to build long-term economies in the GoG metaverse.

Easy access on mobile devices

GoG will support iOS and Android, making the game easily accessible to everyone.

Building games on Immutable X helps the project inherit the advantages that this L2 blockchain brings: fast transaction speed, no gas fees. At the same time, many functions are simplified so that users don’t even know they are using blockchain technology.

3. Gameplay Overview

  • Players will choose a team of 4 heroes and guide them through challenging dungeons to collect in-game materials, GOG tokens, and level up their characters.
  • In-game materials, like GOG, are used to craft items or summon heroes. They are all valuable and tradable assets.
  • Build the team of your dreams and compete with your Guild for high rankings and seasonal prizes.

4. Introducing the Guild of Guardian token

4.1. Basic information

GOG is the foundation token of the Guild of Guardian, owned and issued by Guardians Guild Limited. In the game, GOG is called “gems” (gemstone).

Functions of GOG:

  • Governance and Voting
  • NFT Item Casting
  • Purchase in-game items during the primary sale (from the developer) – 20% of the price of the items will be paid in GOG. This amount of GOG will be put into the reward pool to reward staking.
  • Transaction fees in secondary trading activities (P2P) – 20% of transaction fees will be charged in GOG. This fee will be used to pay for the staking activity.

Token distribution process

The total supply of 1 billion tokens will be fully distributed within 48 months according to the following roadmap

4.2. Information on opening and selling GOG on Coinlist

GOG will be open for sale on Coinlist in two options. You can register to participate in the GOG sale on Coinlist here. Registration deadline: 7/11/2021, 23:59 UTC (November 8, 2021, 7:00 GMT)

Option 1:

  • 11/10/2021, 18:00 UTC (November 11, 2021, 1:00 AM UK time)
  • Price: $0.1 / GOG, min / max: $100 – $500, allocation: 40M tokens
  • Lockup: 40 days, 50% will be unlocked on 12/21/21, the remaining 50% will be paid after 12 months from the date of sale.

Option 2:

  • 11/10/2021, 23:59 UTC (11/11/2021, 6:59 AM UK time)
  • Price: $0.075/token, min/max: $100 – $500, allocation: 20M tokens
  • Lockup: 12 months from the date of sale

Instructions for answering quest questions

5. Roadmap

6. Investors and associates

Guild of Guardian receives investment from many famous funds such as Coinbase, Galaxy digital, Moonwhale, …

7. Project construction team

Find out more about the project at

Join the CHK group to update the information as soon as possible!

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