“What is the highlight” of PLANT EMPIRES server 2.0 – ANDROMEDA: Fairy Galaxy

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2022-09-30 03:02:45

At 10:00 am on September 27, GameFi’s popular game Plant Empires will update with a second server version, with a bonus Pool of 300,000 PEFI for players even from season 1.

Experience Plant Empires with a new battle server

Officially posted on the publisher’s website, from September 29, 2022 to October 6, 2022, users can download the game version PLANT EMPIRES – ANDROMEDA for free, and receive a gift pack of 500gem FREE.

Download Plant Empires at: https://plantempires.page.link/3JDp

Explore the 300,000 PEFI Bonus Pool

In this second server version, all players will return to the same starting point and play Plant Empires as the first day. By completely separate from server 1: MILKY WAY, players are “peer” to earn NFT items like holy, orb… valuable.

Notably, ANDROMEDA’s bonus pool is 300,000 PEFI – 4 times higher than season 1: MILKY WAY 70,962 PEFI.

If you do the calculation with the ANDROMEDA Bonus Pool, multiplying by the current PEFI rate, the bonus book can be around $1754 (more than 40 million VND). The higher the top rank, the greater the number of rewards for players will be. You can understand the total 300,000 PEFI split as follows:

  • Top 1: 5% = 15,000 PEFI
  • Top 2: 3% = 9,000 PEFI
  • Top 3: 2% = 6,000 PEFI
  • ……
  • Top 501 – 1000: 72 PEFI
  • …..

In addition, the Arena season of Server 1 – Milky Way currently has a total bonus Pool of 522,500 PEFI and continues to operate in parallel with the new server.

About Plant Empires: Arena Game

The plot of Plant Empires is set in a disaster in the future, a battle against an army of undead due to pathogens from extraterrestrial. To protect the survivors, the player will use specially researched plants, fight and regain the lands occupied by the undead.

Although it was officially launched in mid-August 2022, Plant Empires has become a game that has continuously ranked TOP Google Play and Apple Store for 2 consecutive weeks, recording more than 150,000 experience participants per day.

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