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What is Cape Chief, what is the title of Chief of Command, what is the Chief of Command? Please refer to the article below for the answer.

Head is a position equivalent to a platoon leader, with the rank of lieutenant to lieutenant.

Each platoon consists of 27 people, divided into 3 platoons, each platoon consists of 9 people.

The title of chief is often used in the special special forces and elite combat armies of the Vietnam People’s Army Army, directly managed and directed by the General Staff.

The Special Forces Corps is an elite special force, specially organized, equipped and trained. This army has a flexible, daring, and unexpected combat method. These methods are often used to surprise attacks on vulnerable targets deep in the enemy’s combat formation, campaign arrangement and rear.

The task of the special forces army is to focus on researching and advising the Ministry of National Defense to build and develop the Special Forces forces in the direction of lean – neat – high quality.

The history of the army’s special forces.

The commando unit was established on March 19, 1967. At that time, the commando unit consisted of 9 commando battalions; Additional school staff and 3 agencies.

The organization of the special command force includes:

  • Special Forces Ministry
  • Water commandos
  • Special dynamic

Subsidiary base units

Special Forces School.

1st Brigade (Group M1) was based in Hanoi

The 5th Brigade is based in Ninh Thuan

113 Brigade stationed in Vinh Phuc

The 198th Brigade is based in Dak Lak

The 429 brigade is based in Binh Duong



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