What is the Wholesale Channel Remitano?  Detailed assessment of Wholesale transaction channel, alternative solutions for the black market

What is the Wholesale Channel Remitano? Detailed assessment of Wholesale transaction channel, alternative solutions for the black market


2021-03-24 01:37:51

In 2017, when the crypto market suddenly thrived, in order to find a reputable, safe place to trade, there were quite a few options, and sometimes you had to trade coins through intermediaries, or the black market. Until today, there are countless choices, but I know many brothers traders still choose to trade in the black market, although the risks bring are quite high. The reason, needless to say, if you regularly trade with large amounts of coins, you can certainly easily guess, that is: transaction costs!

For this reason, today I want to share with investors what I know about the newly launched Wholesale channel of Remitano with a fee of only 0.1% (down to 90% compared to the P2P channel of this exchange).

Before going into a detailed review of Remitano’s Wholesale channel, I also want to give some assessment on the advantages and disadvantages of black market trading, to clarify the idea why I think Remitano. Wholesale is an undisputed “brilliant” alternative.

1. Black market

2 main characteristics of customers in the black market: “giants” trade coin in large quantities and the psychology of not wanting to lose high transaction fees at the floor.

Some of the most popular places for this type of shopping are forum websites (Empire Market, Cryptonia, Nightmare, …), and buying and selling groups on Telegram, Facebook group (Trade coin underground, UG- Black Red, Buying and selling virtual money, …).

Free sale activities on Telegram Buy – sell with guarantee

Pros – Cons of buying and selling in the black market:

  • The only advantage is that the purchase and sale agreement, and no transaction fees between the parties
  • Defect:

– Risk of fraud, losing money through fake trading, no one will guarantee. Maybe you transferred money / transferred the coin but the buyer / seller did not respond and you also absolutely cannot report it to either party.

Price does not update from time to time, profit but loss.

– High security risk, easy to hack personal information. When you access underground websites, it is unavoidable that your computer / device is susceptible to malicious code that leads to your personal information being exploited and stolen.

– Liquidity is moderate, you only trade with 1 person. Buy on the floor more plentiful quantities.

2. Wholesale – the “bright” alternative to the black market

First of all, I would like to remind you a little bit about Remitano floor for those who do not know. This is the earliest fiat – crypto exchange in Vietnam (2015), supporting the trading of coins: BTC, ETH, USDT, BCH, LTC, and XRP.

To solve the fee issue, which has always been a major controversial issue in the Crypto community when choosing any exchange, Remitano launched the Wholesale channel for large transactions with extremely competitive fees. , 1% on January 17, 2020. This is really good news for the first year with the brothers traders Vietnam.

What is the Wholesale Channel Remitano?

Wholesale is an investment channel dedicated to large value transactions of 1.5 BTC or more.

  • With maker, the ad order must have a value of 1.5 BTC or more.
  • With the taker, the order must have a value of 1.5 BTC or more.

Wholesale Full support for coins as in P2P channel: BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT, XRP, LTC.

Transaction fee

As mentioned above, transaction fees are the most prominent advantage of this channel, which can be considered as the lowest fee in the market today, compared to major exchanges globally: Binance (person sell: 0.1%), LocalBitcoins (seller: 1%), Coinbase (0.5% and above), Paxful (seller: 1%), as follows:

Advantages – Disadvantages of Wholesale channel

Most competitive cost in the market: 0.1%

– Safe and reputable transaction environment

– Minimum transaction limit from 1.5 BTC

– There is no app like with P2P transactions, it must be done by laptop or PC.

How to trade on the channel Wholesale Remitano?

If you already have an account on Remitano, just log in with your current username, all operations are completely the same as a P2P transaction channel.

If you still do not have an account, I will guide you through the following 3 easy steps:

Step 1: access to website http://wholesale.remitano.com

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– Step 2: Click the button “Login / Register” in the upper right corner of the screen, and sign in with Google or Facebook.

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You can also enter your email, and click “Continue”. After that, check your email and click on “Sign in with me to Remitano”

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– Step 3: Enter your alias, and click “Continue” (This alias will be the name displayed on all your transactions)

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That’s it, now you can easily trade on Remitano’s Wholesale channel!

The last point I want to note with the brothers traders is that if you are too familiar with the floor Remitano, and regularly follow the products of this floor, you can see a feature that is the product of Remitano (P2P , Swap, Invest) pretty good, low-cost or even free at launch.

So, I recommend traders if you want to trade safely with low cost, then quickly test this product of Remitano when it’s just “out of the oven” to enjoy this extremely preferential fee.

At the same time, sharing more with the brothers, Remitano is having a massive $ 20,000 Airdrop program for the first 100 traders each week on the Wholesale channel. Brothers learn more here Please! Wishing you a successful trade coin!

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