What is this program, why use our masks?

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2021-11-07 13:03:13

In the context of the controversy surrounding Rap Viet’s “temporary borrowing” of graphic images of foreign designers to make posters has not ended, most recently, this cult rap program continues to stick to one more “smack” ‘ is related to a hardware vendor.

Accordingly, on his personal Facebook page, Singaporean billionaire Ming-Liang Tan – co-founder and CEO of the famous gaming gear company Razer had a series of questions aimed at Vietnamese Rap.

“I received this photo via LinkedIn. Are there any of our fans in Vietnam who can tell me what this Vietnamese Rap program is and why they use Razer Zephyr?”, billion Phu Ming-Liang Tan wrote on Facebook. Attached to this article are some poster images showing rappers participating in Rap Viet wearing a Razer Zephyr mask.

Article by CEO Ming-Liang Tan. (Screenshots)

According to the analysis of some netizens below the article of billionaire Ming-Liang Tan, the above pictures of Rap Viet may have been … interfered with Photoshop software. Specifically, instead of directly buying and letting rappers wear Zephyr mask samples, Rap Viet could have used photo editing software to ‘stick’ this mask on the mouths of the contestants.

Of course, it is still not excluded that Rap Viet’s BTC actually bought these masks for the contestants to use when taking pictures of the poster. However, Rap Viet’s BTC has yet to respond to the Razer CEO’s post. Meanwhile, the article of CEO Ming-Liang Tan has attracted a lot of comments from netizens from Vietnam. The billionaire himself also promises to give Razer products to fans in Vietnam if the article reaches 2 thousand Likes.

Posting a poster of a contestant wearing a strange mask, Rap Viet was questioned by Razer CEO: What is this program, why use our masks?  - Photo 2.

Image of contestants participating in Rap Viet wearing Razer Zephyr masks.

As for the Razer Zephyr, this is a ‘super cool’ mask that has just been launched by Razer on October 21 for $ 99 (VND 2.3 million), exclusively for gamers. Not only has the effect of protecting the health of the wearer, the Razer Zephyr also serves as a fashion accessory that adds ‘coolness’, according to Razer’s advertising.

Specifically, like its other gaming accessories and PC components, Razer Zephyr is also equipped with ‘flickering’ Chroma RGB light strips on both sides of the mask’s air filter tubes. The use of this light strip makes the design of the Razer Zephyr much more impressive, reminiscent of high-tech gas masks used in the military.

Posting a poster of a contestant wearing a strange mask, Rap Viet was questioned by Razer CEO: What is this program, why use our masks?  - Photo 3.

Razer Zephyr mask costs 2.3 million

In terms of health protection, this mask for gamers is equipped with a standard N95 filter, germicidal UV lamp, with an efficiency of dust and bacteria filtering up to 99%, including fine dust particles. 0.3 micron size, as stated by Razer. The mask’s filter and RGB lighting are powered by a rechargeable battery using a USB-C port, enough to provide all-day power. In addition, the filters in the mask can also be replaced after a period of use.

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