What is XDEFI (XDEFI)? Details About XDEFI Token

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2021-10-28 14:48:12

The market today is producing a lot of projects about decentralized wallets based on the storage needs of users. One of them is XDEFI, a name that stands out in recent times with the integration of all DeFi features into the wallet.

In today’s article, let’s learn about XDEFI coin (XDEFI), one of the Coins that has been mentioned by many DEVs of major projects in recent times.

We will learn about 3 main parts:

  • What is XDEFI, what’s special?
  • The relevant information about the XDEFI Token of the project that we invest in.
  • Finally, we will combine the above factors to review in an overview whether XDEFI Token is worth the investment or not?

What is XDEFI?

XDEFI is a DeFi multi-functional wallet project similar to CHK Wallet. With XDEFI, you can not only send and receive tokens like regular wallets, but also Swap assets or participate in DeFi activities directly on the wallet. XDEFI currently has a browser extension.

XDEFI website interface: https://www.xdefi.io/

Highlights of XDEFI

XDEFI is a gateway that makes it easier for users to enter the world of DeFi because everything is wrapped up in one application. With XDEFI, you can:

  • Receive and send assets regardless of which Blockchain they are on.
  • Connects to any application in the Blockchain.
  • Buy and sell tokens on the wallet.
  • Display image NFT are stored in the wallet.
  • Carry out activities DeFi.

Over the past few years, the community has seen a huge increase in mobile wallets. But in fact, there are many people who still have the need to join DeFi on the web. That’s why XDEFI made the Extension first.

Currently, XDEFI is one of the few wallets that support displaying both NFT in the wallet. This helps you, if used to store NFT, will increase the fun, and “personalize” your wallet.

According to current experience. XDEFI is quite rudimentary, as well as quite limited in the password setting. You need to set a password with both uppercase, lowercase, and special characters. This created a bad initial experience for some brothers.

Token Information XDEFI

Key Metrics XDEFI

  • Token Name: XDEFI.
  • Ticker: XDEFI.
  • Blockchain: Avalanche.
  • Token Standard: Updating…
  • Contract: Updating…
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance
  • Total Supply: Updating…
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…

XDEFI Token Allocation


XDEFI Token Sale


XDEFI Token Release Schedule


XDEFI Token Use Case

XDEFI tokens will be used to:

  • Staking to receive a refund in the Swap. The longer you Stake, the more fees you will receive. There are the following levels: No Course, 3 Month Course, 6 Month Course, 9 Month Course, 12 Month Course.
  • Project management.
  • Sponsor DeFi or NFT projects in the XDEFI ecosystem.
  • Rewards encourage users to learn, learn about DeFi, NFT.

How to earn and own XDEFI Token

Currently, it is not clear how to earn XDEFI tokens.

XDEFI Token exchange & storage wallet

XDEFI Storage Wallet – CHK Wallet

XDEFI is a token of Ethereum, so it will be stored on CHK Wallet. Details will be updated later.

XDEFI Exchange – CHK Exchange

XDEFI is a token belonging to Ethereum, so it can be traded on CHK Exchange through DEXs like Uniswap, SushiSwap. Details will be updated later.

Roadmaps & Updates


Project team, investors & partners

Project team



XDEFI raised $6M from: Alameda Research, Defiance Capital, Mechanism Capital, Animoca Brand, MorningStar Ventures, Sino Global Capital, Coingecko.



Similar projects

CHK (C98): DeFi ecosystem with the aim of helping users access DeFi easily. To serve that goal, CHK has developed a set of products that fully serve the needs of users, from transactions, storage to asset management, lending, savings, ..

Krystal: An All-in-One platform, with the main product being a decentralized wallet. Accompanied by common features in DeFi such as Swap, Lending, … and Multi-chain support.


Above is all the information about the XDEFI project so that you have more knowledge when learning about the project as well as “skin in the game”. If you have any other questions about XDEFI Token, please comment below to discuss with CHK!

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