What is ZBG?  The most detailed instructions for registering and using ZBG

What is ZBG? The most detailed instructions for registering and using ZBG


2021-03-24 02:37:52

ZBG What is the transaction fee on the exchange ZBG How is it difficult to register to create an account and buy and sell coins on ZBG … Everything will be in the following article of Virtual currency blog, watch together!

What is ZBG?

ZBG (zbg.com) is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, launched in July 2018, and the world’s premier community-based crypto exchange promoted by ZB.com, is a very large cryptocurrency exchange today, has a daily trading volume of over $ 1 billion, and is in the top 5 with the largest daily trading volume according to Coinmarketcap.

ZBG’s mission is to provide investors with an open and transparent digital asset management environment to meet the needs of investors of different levels.

Although the ZBG exchange operates independently from the ZB exchange. But the exchange can be considered ZBG This is the younger brother of ZB.com, because when logging into ZGB, if you have an account at ZB.com, you can use that information to log into ZBG.

At this ZBG exchange, you can propose listing your token on the exchange for free, and once it gets the required liquidity and volume, it can be promoted to the major exchange, ZB. .com. Conversely, when the token has lost liquidity and trading volume so that it no longer belongs to the giant ZB.com, it may be transferred to the ZGB exchange.

Features and characteristics of ZBG exchange

  • Abundant resources and solid strength: ZB.COM, the parent platform of ZBG, is a top 5 major digital asset exchange in the world. The ZBG exchange system can achieve fast and stable financial level, making the exchange more efficient and secure. ZBG has the core technology of high frequency exchangers. The trading instrument can process more than a thousand transactions per second. The speed at which a transaction ends is fast and the server is very stable.
  • Safety and security: For digital asset transactions, security is very important to the credibility of an exchange. ZBG Exchange applies integrated security Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), SSL protocol and other security technologies to store 95% of digital assets in cold wallet, ensuring maximum safety for users. and investors.
  • Easy to use interface: ZBG will allow users to access the exchange platform via iOS, Android, on the Web and PC. ZBG also supports many different languages ​​such as English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese, especially Vietnamese. If you have any questions about the transaction, ZBG’s customer service team will be on hand 24/7.
  • Many markets: ZBG offers a wide variety of cryptocurrency trading pairs. Among them, the pairs trading BTC / USDT, ETH / USDT, EOS / USDT, XRP / USDT have the largest trading volume.

What coins and tokens does ZBG support?

Floor ZBG Currently supports a lot of different coins including the main coins Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and several others. The most traded pairs are BTC / USDT, ETH / USDT, EOS / USDT, XRP / USDT.

The 24-hour trading volume of the ZBG exchange currently (March 18, 2019) is more than 1 billion USD, equivalent to 247,016 BTC.

Transaction fees on the ZBG exchange How?

Main transaction fees in the platform ZBG including deposit, withdrawal, and transaction fees to buy / sell on the exchange.

  • Deposit fee at the floor ZBG is free
  • Purchase / sale transaction fee: On the floor ZBG The transaction fee of trading pairs for both maker and taker is 0.1%
  • Currently, the floor ZBG Fee for withdrawals for each different coin is different. You can see details of withdrawal fees and other fees at https://www.zbg.com/help/rate


Is the ZBG exchange scam (Scam)

Current floor ZBG have not encountered any cases of fraud and have never been attacked by a hacker. This is always a good sign for the user.

See more information about ZBG exchange

Instructions to register an account on the floor ZBG

Step 1: Visit the homepage zbg, select the button Sign Up in the right corner of the screen, or click here for a quick response: https://www.zbg.com/register


Step 2: There are 2 options for you to register, 1 is to register by phone number, and 2 is to register by email. In this article, we choose to subscribe by email. Then enter the password in the next 2 boxes.


Step 3: Then click captcha, and enter the code sent to the mail when you click on “Get a verification code”. Then tick “Read and agree” and press “Sign Up” is finished.

In addition, if you have an account at ZB, you can always log into the floor by clicking Sign In and select “Log in with ZB account”.


Security guide on ZBG

For added security at ZBG, authenticate your phone number, and turn on google authenticator!


To authenticate by phone numberClick on “Verify” in the “Mobile phone” section. Then you fill in the image below and press “Submit is done”


For security with Google authenticator Then you click “Verify” in the “Google authentication” and then follow the instructions in the picture and click “Verify and Activate” is done.


Instructions for verification on ZBG

To verify on ZBG, you click on “Verify” in the “Identify Verification” section and follow the picture below.


You need to prepare: ID photo of the front and back, along with a selfie of you holding the front of your ID card. Then upload and click “Apply for ID Verification” and wait 2-3 days for the floor to verify.


Instructions for depositing and withdrawing money on ZBG

To be able to deposit and withdraw money at ZBG Click on the “Mangger Assets” line in the right corner of the screen. The interface of this section is like the image below, showing the trading of the coins that the exchange supports for deposit and withdrawal. Come here if you want recharge Click on the “Deposit” line if you want Withdrawal Click on “Withdrawal” and follow the instructions.


Guide to trading on the floor ZBG

Making transactions on the ZBG exchange is very simple, in the horizontal menu bar, click on the “Exchange” section, it will have the interface as shown below.


In the upper left corner is the trading pair, here we choose the ZT / USDT pair, and on the lower left side of the interface is the market trading of the coin. In which Price is the price and the Volume is the quantity, then press BUY to buy, and SELL to sell.


Thus, through the above article, the Virtual Currency Blog has helped you learn about ZBG What is it and show you how to register, and use the platform ZBG in the most detailed way.

If you have any questions, or have difficulty using it floor ZBG It can be left under the comment section of Virtual currency blogWe will reply to you as soon as possible. And don’t forget to give yourself a Like, Share and 5-star rating below. Good luck.

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